Throughout the work order process, you may compare estimated vs. actual cost data for parts and labor. This report is only avaiable for manager level users.

Viewing the Work Order Estimate vs. Actual Report

  1. Browse to a work order.
  2. Click the Estimate vs. Actual dial indicator in the upper right corner of the work order.

    est vs act work order indicator

The report shows a summary of the work order discrepancies with a graphical representation of the estimate vs. actual progress.

est vs actual report

Report Features


  • BLUE: actual value is less than 75% of the estimated value.
  • GOLD: actual value is greater than 75% of the estimated value.
  • RED: actual value is greater than the estimated value.


  • Puzzle Piece: parts data
  • Wrench: labor data
  • Sigma: total


  1. The estimate vs. actual dollar values are shows beneath the circle items.
  2. The technician timesheet hours are tallied beneath each discrepancy heading.

    eva timesheet tally


  1. When adding discrepancies to a work order, assign values for estimated parts and labor for each discrepancy. Use the quick-entry values before clicking the Add Discrepancy button.

    discrepancy add estimate

  2. The discrepancy estimated parts and labor values may be edited at any time while the work order is open.

    discrepancy edit estimate

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