Work orders include a boilerplate function that allows you to place text such as terms and conditions, payment policies, or warranty statements on the various work order documents (i.e. estimates, invoices, work authorizations).

Default Work Order Boilerplate

Use the Team Boilerplate settings to configure the various team default boilerplate placements that will be used on all work orders. See Team Invoice and Quote Boilerplate.

Custom Work Order Boilerplate

The team default boilerplate setting may be overridden for individual work orders. This feature allows you to change the default text for specific work orders.

To override the work order boilerplate:
1. Browse to a work order
2. Access the Settings menu near the upper-right area of the work order.
3. Select the Boilerplate option.
4. Enter the custom boilerplate and click Save.

work order boilerplate setting

work order boilerplate override form

The boilerplate override will be shown on all work order level estimate, invoice, and work authorization documents instead of the team default boilerplate.

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