Quantum MX includes a built-in weight and balance calculator that will help you document weight and balance changes. The weight and balance utility will compute a new aircraft weight and balance based on the effect of parts removed and installed.


  1. The parts removed must be documented properly in the work order to include the weight and station values.
  2. The parts installed must be documented properly in the work order to include the weight and station values.
  3. The aircraft empty weight, arm and moment values must be configured.

Configuring the Aircraft Weight and Balance

  1. Browse to an aircraft view.
  2. Click the Weight & Balance link. weight and balance link
  3. Configure the aircraft weight and balance fields: empty weight, gross weight, last updated, moment. The empty CG (arm) will automatically be computed.

    aircraft wb page

The Aircraft W & B page also provides an attachment box where you may scan and upload the official aircraft weight and balance for safe-keeping.

Work Order Weight and Balance Features

Configuring a Work Order for a Weight and Balance Update

  1. Open a work order for the aircraft.
  2. Complete the work order discrepancies, work entries, and assign the parts appropriately.
  3. Edit the parts assignments to document the part: weight, station, and removed/installed status. (Reference article: Assigning Parts to Work Entries)

    manifest edit

The part weight value should be configured when defining the part in the Parts database. (Reference Article: Parts Management) The part's station field contains the arm where the part is located. WARNING: Quantum MX does not convert math units in the weight and balance calculations. Be careful to use the same units for the weight and station/arm as the aircraft weight and CG values. For example, if the aircraft CG is specified in inches, enter the part's station/arm in inches.

Calculating the Weight and Balance

From the work order screen, click the W & B link.
work order wb link

Review the weight and balance calculations. You may also adjust the individual part weight and arm values conveniently using the in-place editing links.

work order wb view

Downloading a PDF Weight and Balance Sheet

A PDF weight and balance sheet may be downloaded. The PDF will contain your team information and a signature block.

Including Mechanic Credentials

Select a mechanic before clicking the Get PDF button to include a mechanic's name and certificate information in the PDF signature area.
wb pdf with mechanic signature

Generic Signature Block

Leaving the mechanic selection blank, click the Get PDF button to download a PDF weight and balance document with a generic signature block.
wb pdf with generic signature

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