Quantum MX's customer portal allows customers to update timer (hobbs, tach, etc.) information for their aircraft in Quantum MX and provides the following features:

  1. Input aircraft hobbs, tach times.
  2. Review current scheduled maintenance status.
  3. Download and print a PDF dispatch sheet for the aircraft.
  4. Set up an account password for recurring access.
  5. Establish an email reminder tempo.

Updating Aircraft Times

To update an aircraft timer value: click the timer value, enter a new value, and then press ENTER.

update portal aircraft timer

Timer updates will trigger a recompute of the reminder status.

Viewing Maintenance Status

A summary of maintenance status colors is provided on the portal page. Click the Reminders heading to view the full detail.

full detail reminders on portal

Downloading a Dispatch Sheet

The Dispatch Sheet contains a timer table, status of maintenance reminders table, and a listing of all open squawks for the aircraft. Click the Dispatch Sheet (PDF) link to download and print the report.

Setting up Password Access

Click the Set up Password link to set up password access to the customer portal.

Bookmark the customer portal for your service provider: e.g. https://demo.quantum-mx.com/portal

setup password link

Reminder Settings

Configure the email reminder settings near the bottom of the portal page. Click to enter a new interval (days) for the reminder.

portal reminder interval

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