This article will help you understand some of the Quantum MX user interface style elements and conventions.

Quick Data Entry

Quick data entry fields will be depicted as a row of text fields, select boxes, and an action button.

quick data entry example

In Place Editing

Data fields for many objects may be edited in-place. Editable data will be depicted as a hyperlink. Click the data field to show an edit box. Simple fields may not include save or cancel buttons.

in place editing example
in place editing example2

  • To save your edits: press the save button, or ENTER key if the save button is not shown.
  • To cancel editing: press the cancel button, ESCkey, or click elsewhere in the view if the cancel button is not shown.

Popover Forms

Popover forms are used to display more information about an item, or provide a quick form-input capability.

popover information

popover form

Drop Down Menus

If a menu or button contains a listing underneath, a down caret will be depicted.
drop down example

Collapsed Menus

The web ubiquitous three-bar icon is used to depict collapsed drop down menus.
collapsed menu example

Custom Select Lists

Some drop down menus allow the user to type a custom value that is not in the select list. Be sure to click "Add..." to lock in the custom value.
custom select list

Collapsible Panels

In the work order view, collapsible areas help conceal sections of the work order so you can focus on specific areas. On the Work Order view near the Discrepancies heading, there are expand all and collapse all controls. The state of the collapsible panel is depicted by a right caret when collapsed, and a down caret when expanded.

collapsible panels example

Slide Out on Hover Menus

The slide-out hover menus are featured in the Work Order / Work Entry section.
work entry hover menu

Quick Filters

Quick filters are used on the Parts Kits Dashboard, and the Team detail view. Click the filter to control the content on the screen.

quick filters example

Slide Out Panels

Slide out panels are used to help you access information that pertains to the object currently being displayed. For Aircraft, the slide out panel contains secondary notes about the aircraft. For Work Orders, three slide out panels are available to provide access to: squawks, reminders & airworthiness directives, and checklists.

aircraft slide out example

work order slide out example

Jump To Links

On views that contain information about multiple aircraft, parts, or work orders, you may find a JUMP TO row of links. Click the item to scroll the page down to the heading that corresponds to the selected item.

jump to example

Info and Warning Popups

Extra information is often hidden behind info or warning links. Click the link to view more information in a pop up. There are two styles of pop ups: 1) modal windows that display more information including images and hyperlinks, and 2) Tooltip popups. Typing ESC or clicking outside the popup window area will close the popup.

modal more info window

tooltip popup

Reordering Lists

Item lists that are reorderable will contain a hyperlinked item index. Click the index and enter the new item position to move the item up or down in the list. Entering 0 will move the item to the top of the list.

Changing Purchase Order Item Positions

order item change list position

Changing Parts Kit Item Positions

parts kit item change list position

After changing the list item position, click Detail again to refresh the list.

Configurable Lists

A gear icon will be displayed on forms that have configurable select lists. Click the link to configure the list of possible selections. See Settings / Lists.

configure gear icon

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