Creating New Users

Each user of Quantum MX must have a user account. New users may create their own account using the sign up option.
new user sign up

After users have created their account, they may be assigned to a team in order to have access to the team aircraft and work orders. Reference article: Teams

Creating New Users, Method 2

Managers may also create new user accounts to help facilitate new user adoption. Users that are created by this method will be assigned an initial password, which they must change at their first login.

To create a new user account:

  1. Browse to the Users listing by clicking Settings->Users from the left side menu.
  2. Click the Add a User link.

  3. Enter the user's information and password, and click the Save button.

  4. Instruct the user to log into Quantum MX using their email address and the password that was assigned in the previous step. At their first login, they will be asked to update their password before the sign in process completes.

Showing Users

  1. Click Settings / Users to view the users listing.
  2. Click Show next to the user name to view the user page.

users listing

User Mechanic Certificates

Mechanic Certificate credentials may be assigned to a user's profile. From the Show user page, click the Add Mechanic Cert link to create a new mechanic certificate entry for the user. Mechanic Cert credentials that are associated with the user are listed near the bottom of the user's profile view.

A mechanic cert entry is required for any user to use the clock in / out timekeeping features. Apprentices, or helpers should create a mechanic cert using "apprentice" or "helper" as the certificate type.

add mechanic cert link on user profile view

Inactive Mechanic Certs

If a certificate expires or is no longer used, you may make the mechanic cert record inactive. Certs, when linked to logbook entries, timesheets, or work order items may not be deleted and must be deactivated.

To deactivate a mechanic cert, click the Make Inactive link.
toggle mechanic cert active state

User Documents

Document attachments may be stored on the user profile. Click Documents to access the document attachments feature.

user profile document attachments

NOTE: the user will have access to download, delete or upload document attachments to their profile. Managers may adjust the settings to restrict the user from deleting business critical documents.


Adding Users to Teams

New users who have not been added to a team will have very limited capability in Quantum MX. After the new user account is established, add the user to your team(s) using the Team view.

adding team members

Making Users Inactive

Only Team Managers may make users inactive.
If a user account is related to other data records, it may not be deleted. The Make Inactive function will lock the user account while retaining historical data records.

  1. Browse to a User account.
  2. Click the toggle to change the user status from active to inactive.
  3. When the status change is recorded, the user will no longer have access to Quantum MX, even if they are currently signed in.

user activity toggle

Deleting Users

Only Team Managers may delete users.

If a user account is not connected to mechanic certificate, aircraft, work order or logbook entry, the user account will be deleted. If the user account is linked to a mechanic certificate, aircraft, work order or logbook entry, the user account will be made inactive.

TIP: confirm the data relations by clicking the Relations panel on the user profile screen.

  1. Browse to the user's show page.
  2. Click the Delete Account option. This option will only be available if the user has no historical data relations.
  3. The user account will be de-activated if it is linked to other records in the database, otherwise, it will be deleted.
  4. The user's mechanic certificate will be deactivated so it will no longer appear in the Mechanic menus.
  5. The user will be locked out of Quantum MX.

Re-activating Deleted Users

  1. Browse to the user's show page.
  2. Click the toggle to change the account status to ACTIVE.
  3. The user will be reactivated and able to access Quantum MX.

user activity toggle

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