Units of measure may be specified for inventory items. Specify the units of measure when creating an inventory item, or editing an existing inventory item. Units of measure are displayed on the inventory listing and PDF reports.

Setting Units of Measure for Parts

The default units of measure may be configured in the Parts database.

adding uom to part

Setting Units of Measure for Inventory

Specify the units of measure value when adding an inventory item. A pick list is provided to help with the selection. The pick list will grow automatically as new units of measure are added to the system.

adding uom to inventory

You may customize the pick list using the Configurable Lists facility.

configurable list for uom

Integer Quantity Enforcement

For ea, each, or unspecified units of measurement, Quantum MX will enforce integer quantities when the item is used on Work Orders, Orders, or Inventory. Other units of measurement, (ft for example), will allow decimal quantities.

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