Chronos allows you to configure consumable events to help track the usage interval for items such as: landing lights, tires, oil, brakes, etc.

Step 1: Define Your Consumables

  1. Click Consumables from the main menu Events category.
  2. Click New Consumable to create a new consumable.
  3. Complete the new consumable form.
    oil quart consumable

  4. Click Save to save the new consumable.

TIP: configure an expense account to automatically create expense accounting transactions when consumables are logged.

Step 2: Configure Your Bookable Resources for Automatic Prompting of Consumable Events

Not all resources will require consumable tracking. For example, it does not make sense to log oil consumption for a flight instructor bookable. Therefore, the bookable must be configured to allow consumable events.

  1. Browse to an aircraft Bookable resource.
  2. Click Edit to edit the bookable.
  3. On the Accounting panel, click to enable the Enable Consumable Tracking setting.

With this setting enabled, your customers and administrators will be able to log the usage of consumables for the resource.

Step 3: Log a Consumable Event

Follow these steps to log a consumable event.
1. Click Log a Consumable on the Things to Do main menu.
2. Select the aircraft under the New Event for: heading.
3. Complete the New Consumable Event form and click Save to save the record.

new consumable event

Reporting Consumable Usage

Total consumable usage will be shown on the consumable events listing. The data may be filtered to analyze usage for individual bookable resources, items or date ranges.


The Consumable Trend Report can be used to view a visual trend of consumable usage rates. Although this feature is most commonly used to track oil and fuel consumption, you may also use it to track the consumption of other wear items such as tires, bulbs and brakes.

On the Bookable Detail Page

Consumable usage is also displayed on the Bookable detail page.

1. Browse to a bookable resource and scroll to the bottom of the page.

bookable consumables

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