Quantum MX helps you keep track of your tools and test equipment inventory, usage, and calibration history using the Tools feature.
tools menu

Adding Tools

  1. Click Tools from the settings menu
  2. Click New Tool to create a new tool record.
  3. Complete the form, adding a title, part number, serial number.
  4. Add a new category for the tool (optional), or choose a category from the list of existing categories. The category listing will be blank initially until new categories have been added.
  5. Assign the tool to a team or teams to isolate access to it. (Tools with no team assignment will be visible for all teams.)
  6. Check the requires calibration setting if the tool requires periodic calibration.
  7. Click Save to save the tool to the database.

Tool Statuses

Tools may be statused as: active, calibration, decommissioned or rented out. When a tool is removed from service for calibration, set the status to calibration to notify all users that the tool is not available for use. When a tool returns to service from calibration, set the status back to active. If a tool has been removed from service permanently, set the status to decommissioned. If a tool is deleted from the database, all records associated with the tool will be lost permanently.

Tool Calibrations

When the calibration required setting is enabled for a tool entry, the calibration status will be tracked. Calibrations may be tracked by date and/or by the number of uses. The latest calibration entry is used to determine the tool's calibration status. Tools that require calibration, but have no calibration records, will be considered to be DUE FOR CALIBRATION.

The latest calibration entry determines the parameters for the next calibration event.

Updating Tool Calibration

  1. Browse to the Show page for the tool that you wish to update.
  2. Click Update Calibration.
  3. Complete the calibration details form and click Save.
  4. The calibration history will be updated.

update calibration

This feature is only available for managers.

Tool Calibration Alerts

If a tool calibration due date is within the notification alarm period, a calibration notice will appear on the home screen.

tool calibration due home screen

As the tool calibration date approaches, notification messages will be generated at 30 days, 7 days and on the day that the calibration expires.

The notification alarm window setting defaults to 30 days. This setting may be customized for each tool item by editing the tool.

edit tool notification alarm

Revision History

Revisions to the Tool records are captured in an audit-trail to ensure traceability. Managers may view the revision history near the bottom of the tool details page.
revision history

The Tools Listing

The tools listing will show the status of all tools with the date of the next calibration.
tools listing

Tools requiring calibration will be highlighted with a red CALIBRATION DUE label.

Tracking Tool Usage (Work Order Level)

A table of tool to work entry assignments is located near the bottom of the work order screen. Tools may be assigned to specific work entries to log the usage of the tool.

  1. Browse to a Work Order.
  2. Scroll down to the Tools section, near the bottom of the work order screen.
  3. Choose a Work Entry and Tool pair.
  4. Click Assign Tool

assign tool to work entry

Tracking Tool Usage (Work Entry Level)

The tool assignment may also be made conveniently at the work entry level.

work entry level tool assignment
work entry assign tool modal

Tool Usage History

The complete usage history may be viewed for a specific tool.

  1. Browse to the Tool.
  2. Click Usage History from the top line links.

The Work Order History for the tool will be displayed showing the Work Order and Work Entry that required the tool. Click the Work Order or Work Entry to view the associated work order.

Calibration Outlook

The Calibration Outlook report provides a time-sorted listing of tools that require calibration. To access the report, click Calibration Outlook from the Tools Listing menu.
tool calibration outlook link

The calibration outlook may be filtered to report various locations, categories.

tool calibration outlook report

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