Quantum MX timers are relevant for the following objects: Aircraft, Components, Equipment, Reminders, Work orders and Logbook Entries. Timers allow you to track hobbs,tach, cycles, landings, or any other custom time counter based element.

Time tracking starts at the Aircraft or Component level.

Aircraft / Component Timer Setup

Configure the timers for an Aircraft or Component using the edit feature. Use the Record Time for selector to configure the available timers.
edit aircraft timers

After saving the aircraft or component, timer values may be entered on the summary page, or on the customer portal.

unit show timer entry
unit portal timer entry

Calculated Values for Since New and Since Overhaul

Use the Configure Logbooks feature for an Aircraft or Component to configure the "since new" and "since overhaul" datums for the relevant timer types. This feature allows you to express "since new" and "since overhaul" in terms of any timer type for example: since new (tach), and since new (NG Cycles). When configuring logbooks, the appropriate timer should be selected:

aircraft timer datum

Aircraft Equipment Timers

When Equipment is added to an aircraft, the equipment will initially be configured to have the same timer setup as it's associated aircraft. However, the equipment timer setup may be configured for individual equipment items, allowing custom time tracking for individual pieces of equipment.
heater hobbs equipment timer

Reminder Timers

Maintenance reminders may be attached to any timer that is configured for an Aircraft, Component, or Equipment.

When creating new reminders, select the appropriate timer:
new reminder timer selection

The timer reference is displayed anywhere the reminder is shown.
reminder index timer reference

Orphaned Reminders

If the Aircraft, Component, or Equipment timer configuration changes after Reminders have been configured, a potential issue exists. Reminders that specify a timer that is no longer tracked are considered orphaned, and a warning message will appear.
orphaned reminder

Work Order Timers

When a work order is created for an Aircraft or Component, the Work Order will initially contain the same timer values as the aircraft. These values may be edited for the work order. Editing the work order timer values will not change the Aircraft level timers.

The New Work Order or Edit Work Order screen allows you to customize the timer configuration specifically for the work order.

new work order timers

After the work order is saved, you may edit the timer values on the work order view. The work order will also display the "T-minus" time between the work order times and the current aircraft times. T-minus is only relevant for past work orders and helps you quickly determine how many hours, cycles, etc. have passed since the work order was performed.

work order show timers

Logbook Entry Timers

When logbook entries are generated for a Work Order, the logbook entry will mirror the timer values for the work order. These timer values may be adjusted each logbook entry. Adjusting the time values at the logbook entry allows you to specify a logbook entry that may not coincide with the work order time. An example of this is logging an operational check flight as required by 14 CFR ยง91.407.

logbook entry timers

Logbook Entry Configuration Helpers

As a convenience, the aircraft logbook datums may be configured when viewing a logbook entry. Click on the Since New timer value, or the configure ____ since new link corresponding to the logbook datum that you wish to edit.
datum edit from logbook entry

Timer Values in Printable Logbook Entries

The timer values with the corresponding "Since New" or "Since Overhaul" values will be printed at the top of the PDF logbook entry.

pdf logbook entry with timers

Removing Unwanted Timers

Quantum MX will include all timers in printed logbook entries. To remove a timer from the printable logbook entry, clear the timer value.

  1. Edit a logbook entry.
  2. Clear the timer value.
  3. Save the logbook entry.

remove unwanted logbook entry time

Changing a Timer Name

Aircraft and Component timer names may be changed. This function will change the timer name without disturbing existing data. Time name changes affect the following areas:

  • Calculated Logbook Datums that reference the timer name will be changed.
  • Time based Reminders that reference the timer name will be changed.
  • Equipment installed and overhauled settings that reference the timer name will be changed.
  • Work Orders that reference the timer name will NOT be changed.
  • Logbook Entries that reference the timer name will NOT be changed.

Access the Rename a Timer function by clicking on the information icon near the timers area.

rename timer link

Select the timer to rename, enter the new timer name, and click Save to save the change.

rename timer modal


Quantum MX provides maximum flexibility for tracking aircraft, equipment, work order and logbook entry timers. Watch out for some common pitfalls when developing your timer strategies:
1. Orphan Timers: Removing timers at the Aircraft or Component level creates orphans. Reminders may reference timers that no longer exist. Work Order "t-minus" values will not be computed properly. Aircraft equipment timer values may also be orphaned. Best Practice: make sure you have configured the Aircraft or Component level timers properly before adding Equipment or Work Orders.

  1. Timer Naming Conventions: Use a common timer scheme everywhere. For example, creating timers for hobbs and hobbs hours creates a nomenclature mess.

  2. Use Simple Names: timer names are intended to be simple, e.g. hobbs, hourmeter, tach. Although the timer may be specified as free text, avoid punctuation and long timer descriptions.

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