The reservation calendar is the primary interface for browsing, creating, editing and canceling reservations. The calendar interface has two components: 1) the day picker, 2) the day view

Calendar Settings

Enable calendar features using the Server Settings / Calendar menu. You may specify:

  • Detailed Reservations - include reservation comments on the calendar bar (good for small number of resources)
  • Row Height (new calendar only) - specify the default height of the calendar row. Content that cannot be displayed within the calendar row will appear with scroll bars.
  • New Calendar - enable the new calendar features. This setting is in place to provide backward compatibility with Internet Explorer 11.

The calendar features show here are new as of November, 2018 and require a modern browser version: Chrome,
Firefox, Safari, MS Edge. Internet Explorer 11 is not supported. If you and your customers are using IE11 or older, disable the new calendar setting.

new calendar setting

Viewing a Day

Click a day in the day picker to focus the calendar on the selected day.

day selection

Responsive Features

The calendar may scroll if the screen width is not sufficient to view the entire day. Click/drag or touch swipe to scroll the calendar into view.

calendar scroll action

Overnight reservations may not be moved or edited using the mouse.

Creating a Reservation

Click in the grid to initiate a reservation on the selected bookable at the selected time. The default duration of the reservation will be 2 hours, and may be adjusted on the New Reservation form. The time under the mouse cursor will be displayed as the mouse is moved inside the calendar grid.

calendar create reservation

Viewing Reservation Details

Click on a calendar event to view the reservation details.

calendar view details

Editing a Reservation

From the details popup, click "edit" to edit the reservation.

calendar edit reservation

Calendar Based Editing

The calendar will allow drag and drop editing of the reservation start time and duration. This feature is only available on PC / mouse based devices.

calendar based editing

Maintenance Status

The maintenance and squawk status for the aircraft is represented by a red, yellow, green icon next to the resource. Click the icon to review the maintenance status.

calendar maintenance status

Out of Service Depiction

Out of service events will be depicted with a faded background.
out of service

If the out of service event supersedes a reservation, both events will be depicted with a red dashed border, and made transparent to provide visibility of the overlapping condition.

overlapping events

The collision depiction will not be displayed when reservations overlap a Free/Busy availability block.

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