Quantum MX helps you keep track of your customer information using the Customers database. Customer records may be added or edited by team managers and include the customers name, contact information, email address, and a special notes field that allows you to keep track free-form extra information or conversation history with the customer.

Creating a Customer

  1. Browse to the customers listing.

    customers menu link

  2. Click the New Customer link in control menu row.

  3. Complete the new customer form.
  4. Click Create Customer to create the customer record.

new customer form

Locating Customer Information

  1. Browse to the customers listing.
  2. Click Show to view the associated customer information.
  3. Click Edit to edit the associated customer record.
  4. Click Delete to permanently delete the customer record.

A search by keyword feature is provided, allowing you to locate customers by searching. The search facility will attempt to locate your keyword in the following customer fields: name, email, phone, notes and aircraft make/model/ident.

Exporting Customer Information to a Spreadsheet

  1. Browse to the Customers listing.
  2. Click Import/Export.
  3. Click Export to download the CSV file to your computer.

customer export

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