Viewing Reservations

Greenfolder's home screen contains a flexible calendar display which shows the reservations for the currently selected day. Choose a day to view by clicking on a date in the mini calendar. The currently selected day is shown with a highlight. The "home" button will return the calendar to today's date.
calendar picker

Creating Reservations

Click the Create a Reservation menu option to create a reservation. You will be prompted to select the Bookable (i.e. aircraft, flight instructor, etc.), and then presented with a form to set the date and times for the reservation.

You may also use the calendar to create a reservation with the time and date pre-selected.
calendar click spots

Greenfolder settings provide a default reservation length. For flying lessons, this length is typically 2 hours. When a new reservation is created using the calendar, the reservation end time will be initially set to the default reservation length, but may be adjusted on the reservation edit form.

Alerts and Maintenance Events

The calendar will display the operational status of each bookable using color coded icons.

calendar badges

If an aircraft has a Squawk, a red screwdriver/wrench icon will appear next to the aircraft N-number.

Maintenance Reminders are shown using a flag icon and are color coded based on the status of the maintenance event. RED means the event is due or past due. YELLOW means the event is imminent. GREEN means the event is up-coming.

If your aircraft has Squawks or flagged maintenance events, please review them before flying the aircraft!

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