Quantum MX allows you to create teams to help firewall operations between different work groups, locations, or regulatory boundaries. Teams provide a security layer between work orders, purchase/sales orders, inventory, and user permissions, allowing you to operate multiple locations or P&L centers within one Quantum MX domain.

Teams are generally created for distinct operating locations, major operating divisions, or to separate repair station work.

1. Part 145 team + general A&P team.
2. Avionics install team + aircraft maintenance team.
3. Interiors team + aircraft maintenance team.
4. Location A team + location B team.
5. Shop Team + Mobile Truck 1 + Mobile Truck 2 + Mobile Truck 3 teams.

Team User Permissions

Users may be members of multiple teams with the team settings controlling the user permissions. For example, a user may be assigned general technician permissions on one team, while acting as an inspector on another team.

Team Inventory Permissions

Inventory may be controlled within team boundaries or shared between all teams. The inventory sharing feature allows you to control the access to inventory, either isolated by team or shared between all teams.

Team Work Order Permissions

Work orders, purchase orders and sales orders are assigned to an individual team. Users who do are not assigned to the team will not have access to these documents across team boundaries.

Team Company Settings

Each team in Quantum MX may be customized in the following areas:

  • Company name, address, and contact information
  • Labor rate settings
  • Tax settings
  • Document templates (forms)

Setting Up a Team

On this page, we used a fictitious company name: Fixit Inc.

  1. Click Settings from the left side menu.
  2. Click Teams.
  3. Click Create a Team to create a team.

The Create a Team function is limited by Quantum MX subscription levels. View current pricing at https://www.quantum-mx.com#pricing or contact support@flyonlinetools.com to request an upgrade to add additional teams to your account.

Accessing the Team Settings

Method 1
1. Click Settings from the left side menu.
1. Click Teams to view the team listing.
1. Click Show next to the team you wish to view.

Method 2
1. If you are assigned as a team member, your teams will be linked up under the account panel, accessible in the upper-right portion of the QMX screen.

team settings from account panel

Team Company and Contact Information

Company information may be provided for individual teams. Company information includes: Company Name, Repair Station Certificate Number, Certificate Designation, Web Site URL, Address. Contact Name, Contact Email, Phone Number, Web Site URL.

team contact information

The team company and contact information will be displayed with the team logo automatically on Estimates, Invoices, Customer Portal screens and system generated emails that are sent to customers.

Team Logo

Upload a JPG, PNG, or SVG (recommended) image file to be the logo for your team. To upload a logo:

1. Browse to the team profile view.
2. Use the drop box area to upload the logo file.

team logo dropbox

If a logo is already in place, click change logo to delete the existing logo and upload a new one.

change team logo link

Example 1: Repair Station with A&P Shop

  1. Create a 'Fixit Repair Station' team.
  2. Create an 'Fixit A&P' team.

All work orders that go through the A&P shop should be assigned to the A&P team. Similarly, work orders performed in the Repair Station shop can be assigned to the Repair Station team.

Example 2: A&P/IA Shop Supporting Two Flying Clubs

  1. Create a team for your general customers titled: 'Fixit'
  2. Create a team for each of your flying clubs.

Assigning Users to Teams

Users must be added to the team in order to give them access to the team aircraft and work orders.
1. Click Settings / Teams to view the teams listing.
2. Click Show next to your team name.
3. Select the user and click Add to Team to add the user to the team.
4. Similarly, users may be removed from the team.

add user to team

Assigning Aircraft to Teams

By default, aircraft profiles are visible to all teams within Quantum MX. When multiple teams are active, the visibility of aircraft may be restricted to specific teams.

restricting team access to aircraft profile

Creating a Work Order for a Specific Team

From an aircraft screen or the Work Orders screen, click the New Work Order link. Select the appropriate team from the drop down list.
click new work order
Click the team logo for which you would like to assign the work order. You will then continue to the New Work Order form.

Team Managers

Read more about how to designate team managers here: Team Sub-Managers

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