Quantum MX's inventory status may be synchronized with Quickbooks Online.

Inventory features are supported in Quickbooks Online PLUS. If you are using the Simple Start or Essentials verison of Quickbooks Online, you will not be able to automatically synchronize Parts and Inventory items with Quickbooks.

Data Model

The Quantum MX Inventory data model is designed to allow distinction between inventory batches, locations, serial numbers, etc. Quickbooks Online does not support distinguishing inventory at the same level.

qmx vs qbo inventory model

Review this data model with your accountant to best understand and accommodate the Quickbooks limitations w/r to batch/lot/serial numbered inventory.

First: Connect to Quickbooks Online

Refer to: https://www.flyonlinetools.help/articles/connecting-quickbooks-online

Click the Quickbooks Online menu option within Quantum MX to go to the Quickbooks main page. You should see...
quickbooks online connection menu

When a team is connected to Quickbooks Online, the QBO Inventory link will appear on the Inventory dashboard in Quantum MX.

inventory dashboard qbo link

Comparing Quantum MX and Quickbooks Inventory

  1. Click Settings, Quickbooks Online to view the Quickbooks menu.
  2. Click Inventory under the Update heading.

    quickbooks menu with inventory

  3. Perform a Quickbooks Scan. Click the Scan Quickbooks link to bring some Quickbooks data into Quantum MX for analysis.

  4. Refresh the screen to show the inventory comparison report.

    quickbooks inventory comparison

By default, the Unmatched filter will be applied, showing only items with inventory quantities that do not match between Quantum MX and Quickbooks. Click the Unmatched filter to view all inventory items.

Shared Inventory

If inventory is shared across teams, it will be included in the synchronization. Quantum MX displays the per-team inventory quantities.

inventory pedigree

Pushing Quantum MX Inventory Status to Quickbooks

  1. Click the >> icon to update Quickbooks with the stock quantity that exists in Quantum MX.

push inventory

Pulling Quickbooks Inventory Status Into Quantum MX

  1. Click the << icon to update Quantum MX with the stock quantity that exists in Quickbooks.

pull inventory

Inhibiting Quickbooks Inventory Tracking

Because Quickbooks Online inventory does not effectively handle itemization of inventory parts by serial number, rev/lot, location, or condition, you may consider inhibiting Quickbooks inventory features. This configuration will allow you to keep detailed aerospace conforming inventory in Quantum MX, bypassing the limitations of Quickbooks.

Configure Quantum MX to Inhibit Quickbooks Inventory Tracking:
1. Within Quantum MX, locate the team level Quickbooks accounting settings.
1. Clear out the Asset Account setting as shown.
inhibit qbo inventory

TIP: Use the Quantum MX inventory report to view the value of your inventory assets. Make a journal entry in Quickbooks Online as necessary to update the value of your Inventory Asset account.

qmx inventory value


Q: No Inventory is Listed?
1. Perform a Quickbooks Scan to update the Quickbooks Inventory status in QMX.

Q: An item is missing?
1. The Update Inventory with Quickbooks Online report will only show inventory items that are available in Quickbooks Online.

1. If an inventory part was created in Quantum MX and not yet updated in Quickbooks, it will be missing from the report.
1. Use the Inventory Missing Report feature to update the part over to Quickbooks.

inventory missing report

export parts preflitered

In this example, the item was not found in Quickbooks and may be exported to Quickbooks.

exported b351

Return to the Update Inventory Page to view the updated status. When an inventory part is exported to Quickbooks Online, the current inventory status will be updated as well.

updated b351 inventory

Q: The item in Quickbooks is a Non-Inventory item

If an inventory item in Quantum MX is found in Quickbooks as a non-inventory item, the Type mismatch: NonInventory alert will be displayed.

qbo non inventory mismatch

  1. Click the Part item on the listing to browse to the Export Parts to Quickbooks facility in Quantum MX.
  2. Click Update Quickbooks to convert the Quickbooks item configuration to Inventory.

    PROCEED WITH CAUTION: This action will change the item type in Quickbooks from NonInventory to Inventory. Quickbooks does not allow Inventory items to be converted back to NonInventory.

    update quickbooks inventory

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