This article describes the strategies used by Quantum MX Synchronizers to keep Quantum MX in sync with the FLY Online Tools Chronos Scheduling and Operations system.

If you operate a flight operations department that is using the Chronos Scheduler and an A&P inspection and repair shop that is using the Quantum MX product, you can easily maintain current aircraft status between your flight and maintenance departments.

As aircraft are scheduled and flown, Chronos maintains a usage log of every flight (which causes a hobbs and tach time update.) Chronos includes a maintenance reminders module that tracks the status of any scheduled maintenance item as the aircraft hobbs and tach times are updated.

Quantum MX also includes a maintenance reminders module so that maintenance shops may be notified of up coming annual inspections. Typically a maintenance shop does not know the current aircraft hobbs/tach of all of their customer aircraft.

Quantum MX by FLY Online Tools includes Synchronizers which pull aircraft hobbs/tach information from Chronos to automatically update the aircraft data in Quantum MX. As aircraft are flown, the hobbs/tach times and maintenance reminders will be synchronized across both servers, allowing maintainers and flight departments to see real-time aircraft and maintenance status.

Finally, technicians can control maintenance blocks on Chronos aircraft seamlessly from within Quantum MX by adjusing work order settings.

Synchronizer Use Case

You have a large flight line and an A&P shop. Flight ops and maintenance ops need to keep track of scheduled maintenance status for the entire fleet.

gf qmx synchronizer flow

Tach Synchronizer

If the tach option is selected for a synchronizer, the synchronizer will PULL aircraft tach times from Chronos and update the aircraft tach times in Quantum MX.

Reminder Synchronizer

If the reminders option is selected for a synchronizer, the synchronizer will PUSH and PULL reminders between Chronos and Quantum MX to keep both systems in sync.

When reminders are synchronized, the following fields will not be updated between the systems: notification window, yellow limit , red limit. This allows Quantum MX users and Chronos users to separately configure the reminder display alerting parameters.


New Reminder Created in Quantum MX

When a new maintenance reminder is created in Quantum MX, the reminder will be CREATED in Chronos and attached to the Airframe component for the assigned aircraft.

Chronos has a sense of the various aircraft components: airframe, engine, propeller, and allows reminders to be placed on the specific components. If you require an engine based reminder, it must be created first in Chronos. Reference: Predictive Maintenance Reminders

Reminder Updated in Quantum MX

When the details of a maintenance reminder are updated in Quantum MX, usually after maintenance is performed, the reminder will have a newer update timestamp than the associated reminder in Chronos. The reminder will be PUSHED to Chronos.

Reminder Created in Chronos

Reminders that exist in Chronos that are not present in Quantum MX will be PULLED into Quantum MX.

Reminder Updated in Chronos

When the details of a maintenance reminder are updated in Chronos, the reminder will have a newer update timestamp than the associated reminder in Quantum MX. The reminder will be PULLED from Chronos into Quantum MX.


1. Keeping Reminders in Sync

When using REMINDER synchronization, TIMER synchronization should also be enabled. If not, the reminder configuraiton will be updated between Chronos and Quantum MX, but the referenced timer may be different.

reminder sync timer mismatch

2. Editing Reminders

Quantum MX is intended to store the master maintenance record of the aircraft. When using the synchronizer feature, it is recommended as a best practice that reminders in Quantum MX be considered the master and edited only in Quantum MX. The synchronizer will update reminder information in either Chronos or Quantum MX based on the reminder updated timestamp, so reminder updates are allowed in either system. Enable the Read Only Reminders setting in Chronos to enforce read-only access for reminders in Chronos.

two way reminder sync

3. Compare Last Updated Timestamp and Revision History

Both Chronos and Quantum MX store revision history information for maintenance reminders. To view the revision history, browse to a reminder and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

reminder revision history

4. Use the synchronized reservation feature to control maintenance blocks in Chronos

From within Quantum MX, technicians may schedule aircraft out of service in Chronos by editing work order settings. This feature helps maintain accurate scheduling and maximum up-time for aircraft.
chronos synchronized reservation

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