When configured, Chronos allows you to store payment methods on your account and streamline the payment process.

Storing a Payment Method

  1. Browse to your client profile by clicking your name in the upper-right corner of the Chronos screen.
  2. Click the Payment Method tab.
  3. Click Authorize a Payment Method
    authorize a payment method

  4. Enter your credit card information. Your credit card will not be charged.
    authorize payment method form

  5. If the authorization is successful, the payment method will be stored on your account profile. image

Making a Payment (Streamlined)

When a payment method is stored on your account, the payment process becomes streamlined.
1. Browse to your account profile.
2. Click Pay Balance or Make a Payment.
pay balance button
3. Confirm the amount of payment and click Pay Now to process the payment.
pay now streamlined

The transaction will be processed securely using the stored payment method.

streamlined payment receipt

Deleting a Stored Payment Method

To delete a stored payment method...
1. Browse to your client account profile
2. Click Payment Method
3. Click delete to delete the stored payment method.

delete stored payment method

How it Works

During the authorization process, your credit card information is transmitted securely to the merchant processing gateway. The actual credit card number and security code is not stored on the server. The merchant gateway authenticates the card and returns an encrypted security token that can only be used to process payments on your Chronos account. The tokenized payment method is PCI compliant, and cannot be hacked. The encrypted security token can only be used to transact any credit card payments from outside of your Chronos account.

tokenziation payment info

Chronos uses secure Authorize.NET CIM, FirstData TransArmor, and Quickbooks Payments tokenization/stored card technologies to achieve this. More information about these technologies may be found on the vendor's web sites.

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