status dashboard

Dashboard Status Cards

Colored status cards help you track the number of Squawks, Reminders, Work Orders, and Parts that are in work or pending action. Click on the status card to browse to the associated view.

Aircraft Search

A convenient aircraft search bar is located underneath the dashboard status cards.

Aircraft Status

Aircraft with open work orders or squawks will be shown under the In Work section of the home page. Click on the Aircraft ID, the squawk or work order link to browse to the associated view.

Use the squawks and work orders filter buttons to de-clutter the home screen when you have a large number of open work and squawks.

Open Work Orders

Open work orders are depicted with a wrench icon. Clicking the wrench icon will browse to the work order.

Work orders not updated within the last 60 days will not be shown on the home screen In Work area.

Open Squawks

Open squawks are shown using a color coded tag icon. New squawks (less than 7 days old) will be depicted using a green color. Older squawks will be depicted using orange and red

After 30 days, aged squawks will no longer be shown on the home screen In Work area.


Maintenance reminders that are coming due will be shown on the home screen Reminders panel. The visibility threshold and color settings may be configured for each reminder individually. Read the Reminders article for more details about how to configure reminders.

Life Limited Equipment

When life limited equipment items are configured, the Reminders panel will include the status of expired life limited equipment items. Click on the equipment count to browse to the Equipment Listing.

life limited equipment dashboard

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