Squawks are maintenance related issues with aircraft that may be reported by any client. Squawks that represent airworthiness concerns may be escalated to block reservations or checkouts.

Creating a Squawk

  1. Click Report a Squawk on either the calendar resource popup or the Things to Do menu.

create a squawk

You will be prompted to select the aircraft for which the squawk will be attached, then the New Squawk form will appear.

new squawk

NOTE: If a squawk represents an airworthiness concern, enable the Block Reservations and Block Checkouts features. This will disable the creation of any new reservations or checkouts on the aircraft.

After a squawk has been dispositioned, the squawk may be edited to document the fix.
fixed squawk

NOTE: The resolved check box controls the visiblity of the squawk in the system. Squawks that have been "resolved" will no longer appear on the home page alerts.

Reservation and Checkout Blocking

When the Block Reservations or Block Checkouts features are enabled, the calendar will highlight the blocking status as shown.


Email Notifications

Client accounts with the admin role will automatically receive email notifications when squawks are created or updated.

To add A&P clients to the squawk notification email list, tag their account with the maintenance tag. Tags may be added on the client's profile page.
add maintenance tag to client

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