Flight instructors act as clients and bookables. As clients, they are able to reserve and rent aircraft under their own accounting ledger. As bookables, they are able to be reserved, rented, and paid by other clients. Special features include:

  1. The client account will receive notifications when reservations are made on the bookable.
  2. The client home page will show a list of reservations made on the bookable.
  3. The client will be authorized to set the free/busy status of the bookable.

Linking a Bookable to a Client Account

Follow these steps to link a client account to a bookable.

  1. Browse to the bookables listing (main menu / Bookables).
  2. Click Edit to edit the bookable settings.

    edit bookable link

  3. Specify the client to represent the bookable.

    edit bookable client setting

  4. Click Save to save the changes.

When the client and bookable are linked, cross links will appear on the client and bookable views.

Bookable to Client Links

On the bookable view, a link to the client that represents the bookable will be available. The link will be denoted by a user icon.

bookable to client link

Client to Bookable Links

On the client's profile view, a link to the bookable that the client represents will be available. The bookable link will be denoted by the noun of the bookable.

client to bookable link

View My Bookings

After the flight instructor's client and bookable are linked, they will be able to see reservations made for them near the bottom of the home screen.

flight instructor reservations

Confirming Reservations

Clicking the confirm button next to the reservation sets a flag on the reservation that the flight instructor has confirmed their availability.

Setting Free/Busy Availability

  1. Browse to the bookable resource that corresponds to the flight instructor account.
  2. Click Free/Busy.

Read more about Free/Busy availability: https://www.flyonlinetools.help/articles/free-slash-busy-availability

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