Pricing is configured at the Bookable / Timer level.

Setting the Pricing Rate

  1. Browse to a Bookable detail page.
  2. Click Configure Usage Tracking and Pricing to edit the pricing settings.

configure bookable pricing

  1. Click edit corresponding to the timer that will be used as the pricing basis.

    edit timer pricing

  2. Configure the Unit Price, Units of Measurement, Taxable and Tax Rate settings for the timer.

  3. Click Save to save the changes.

bookable timer revenue and tax settings

The pricing rate will be in effect for all usages that occur after the change is saved. The pricing rate for existing usages will not be affected.

Multiple Timer Schemes

Typically aircraft are priced at a rate that corresponds to a single timer (hobbs or tach). Flight instructors typically have two timers (flight and ground), which may have different pricing rates. Chronos per-timer pricing system accommodates advanced pricing models such as:

Example Aircraft:

  1. Flight Time: $150/hr
  2. Landings: $5 per landing

Example Meeting Room:

  1. Room Usage: $25 per usage
  2. Usage Time: $10 per hour

Example Flight Instructor:

  1. Flight Hours: $100/hr
  2. Ground Hours: $50/hr
  3. Headset Rental: $10 per usage

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