Reservations are used to reserve one or more bookable resources on the calendar. Reservations are assigend to a client account and have a starting and ending time and date and may span multiple days. Reservations may be given an out of service setting to control the appearance of the reservation on the calendar view. Reservations may also be part of a recurring series, ref Recurring Reservations.

Creating a Reservation: Calendar Method

On the home page calendar view, select a day using the date picker. This will set the visible day shown in the calendar grid.
create a reservation calendar view

Click in the calendar grid to initiate the new reservation process.

Creating a Reservation: Menu Method

Click Create a Reservation from the home page top menu. Browse by day of the week and locate a starting time for your reservation. If resources are not available, a time block will not be displayed.

Use the Filter to select individual resources or resource group for which the availability will be shown. The time block results will show the availability of any of the resources selected in the filter.

Time blocks where all of the selected resources are available will be depicted with a green star icon.

all resources available

Select a date to change the visible day.
create a reservation select a day

Click Book It to proceed to the New Reservation screen.
create a reservation book it

Changing Reservation Details

Reservation details may be configured on the New Reservation or Edit Reservation screens.

Setting the Reservation Client: (Permission Required)

Authorized users may be abllowed to create reservations to other users. By default this permission is available for flight instructors, super clients, managers, and administrators. Use the Client picker to search and select a client for the reservation.
booking client picker

Adding or Removing Bookable Resources

Many bookable resources may be added to the reservation. Use the Bookable Resources selector to add or remove resources.
booking bookable selector

Setting the Time and Date (Overnight Reservations)

Use the Date Range selector to set the starting and ending date for the reservation. Click once on a day to set the starting day. Click again to set the ending day. To set the date for a same-day reservation, click twice in the calendar picker on the same day to set the starting and ending dates to the same day.

booking date picker

The time may also be adjusted using the Start Time and End Time fields. The representation may appear differently on your browser or touch device, as this control is rendered natively by the browser.
booking time picker

Maintenance Blocks or Out of Service

Reservations may be denoted as out of service. Click the Out of Service check box before saving the reservation.

out of service reservation

out of service depiction

Policy Enforcement

Before a reservation is saved, Chronos will verify the policy requirements for the requested bookable resources and display messages in red.

booking policy error

Clients with override privileges may use the Override and Save option to override the policy blocks.

Editing Reservations

Active reservations are shown:

  • On the calendar
  • On the client's profile page
  • On the Reservations listing

Locate a reservation and click the corresponding Edit link to edit the reservation.

reservation on client profile page

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