Reservations include a confirmation feature. To use the confirmation feature, a client account be established as the representative of a bookable resource (see Special Features for Flight Instructors).

This feature is commonly used for flight instructors, but a client account may also represent a meeting room, aircraft or any other bookable resource.

Confirming a Reservation

Flight instructors or bookable resource representatives may confirm reservations that are made on the bookable resource that they represent. The Confirm option will be shown with the reservation.

booking confirm 1

booking confirm 2

booking confirm 3

Click the Confirm link to confirm the reservation.

Viewing the Confirmation Status

Clients may view the confirmation status in various places where the reservation details are shown.

booking confirmation status 1

booking confirmation status 2

booking confirmation status 3

Deleting Confirmations

Confirmations may not be deleted once they are entered.

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