There are some special considerations when removing Bookable resources from Greenfolder. In order to retain the accounting and usage data, the Bookable must not be deleted. Follow this guide to remove a Bookable from your system, while retaining historical usage and accounting data.

Step 1: Hide the Bookable

When the aircraft, flight instructor or custom bookable is no longer available for use, edit the bookable and enable the Hide on Calendar and Hide on Log a Usage settings. This will hide the bookable so it can no longer be selected for reservations or usage.

hide bookable

The hidden bookable is still active, and will appear on any accounting or usage reports, allowing you to reconcile usages, sales tax, and generate reports that still contain data about the bookable.

When you are ready to make the bookable inactive, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Make the Bookable Inactive

Edit the bookable and disable the Active check box. This will remove the bookable from all access in Greenfolder, while retaining all historical usage and accounting data.

Deleting a Bookable

CAUTION: deleting a bookable will change the client account ledgers that have transactions on the bookable. All data (reservations, usages, pricing history, squawks, maintenance reminders) will be deleted permanently.

  1. Browse to the Bookables listing and locate the Delete option.

delete bookable

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