Quantum MX has the ability to track date and time based aircraft reminders. Reminders are a great way to keep track of your customers' annual inspections, service letter items, 100hr inspections, 91.411/91.413 inspections, engine and component overhaul times, and recurring airworthiness directives. Equipment based reminders allow you to attach reminders to any user defined aircraft accessory like: landing gear cycles, torque cycles, hook hours, etc. Reminders may be based on any aircraft level timer value (e.g. hobbs, tach, engine cycles, landings), or based on the time in service for an individual equipment item.

Types of Reminders

Reminders are either date based, time based, or both. Time based reminders may be based on the indicated time value or the total time of the aircraft. Reminders may be recurring, non recurring, or permanently complied with.

Date Based Reminders

Date based reminders use the Date of Last Compliance, Interval (days), and Interval (months) fields to determine the due date of the reminder. Examples: Annual Inspection, 91.411/91.413, ELT Operational Check, Airworthiness Directives that require annual compliance.

The Interval (days) and Interval (months) fields are added together to compute the reminder due date. You may set either or both fields. The following table shows some examples of date based reminders.

last complied date interval due date
30 January 2015 1 month, 10 days 10 March 2015
1 March 2015 1 month 1 April 2015

For monthly intervals, when the Date of Last Compliance occurs at the end of a month that has more days than the following month for example January 30, adding one month to the date will select February 28. One month following February 28 is March 28.

Date based reminders may be established by setting the date of next compliance. When the date of next compliance is entered, the Interval (days) and Interval (months) fields will be calculated based on the time interval between the date of last compliance and the date of next compliance.
date of next compliance example

Time Based Reminders

Time based reminders use the Time of Last Compliance, Follows Total Time and Interval (hours) fields to determine the status of the reminder. The Time of Last Compliance setting is expressed in terms of Aircraft indicated tach time. If the Folows Total Time setting is enabled, the reminder will be expressed in aircraft total time.

Time Based Reminders are based on the associated Aircraft or Equipment timer. When follows total time is used, the logbook type setting controls the source of total time calculation. See Configuring Aircraft Logbooks.

Non Recurring Reminders

Non recurring reminders may be entered to capture one-time compliance with a required maintenance item. To establish a non recurring reminder, leave the date based and time based settings un-checked. You may still enter data for the date and time of last compliance, as this will be reported in the remiinder listing.

Non recurring reminders will display NR in the reminder listing.
non recurring reminder listing

Permantly Complied With

When the permanently complied with setting is enabled for a reminder, the reminder will be marked accordingly.

Non Recurring Reminders will not be available from the Work Order reminders panel.

Equipment Based Reminders

By default, time based reminders follow the aircraft hobbs or tach setting. Equipment based reminders allow you to base a reminder on a value of an Aircraft Equipment item.


Before you may create an equipment based reminder, configure the aircraft equipment. Read more at: Equipment List

Equipment based reminders will use the equipment indicated time or total time values as the reference, as configured by the Follows Total Time setting.

Date and Time Based Reminders

Reminders may be both date and time based. For example, an engine overhaul reminder may be expressed in terms of date (120 months) and time (2000 hours).

Definition of Reminder Settings

setting description
name the name of the reminder
description description text for the reminader, may contain compliance instructions, manual references, etc.
url a URL to documentation about the reminder, great for ADs and service letters
categories a list of categories for the reminder
link to equipment attach the reminder to an item in the aircraft equipment list instead of a top level timer, leave blank to use a top level timer as the time source for the reminder
date based parameters
enable date enable date based logic for the reminder
date of last compliance set the date of last compliance
interval (months) set the date interval for the reminder in months
interval (days) set the date interval for the reminder in days, may be combined with months
expires at end of month enable for calendar month expiring reminders (e.g. annual inspection)
time based parameters
enable time enable time based logic for the reminder (may be combined with date)
based on timer select the timer basis for the reminder (e.g. hobbs, tach, landings)
follows total time use total time as the reference time for the reminder, leave blank to use the indicated time value
logbook type for total time conversion select the logbook component that will be used to convert indicated time to total time (configured under Aircraft / Configure Logbooks)
time of last compliance numeric value specifying the time of last compliance (e.g. hobbs: 1234), if follows total time is used, this value should be specified in terms of total time of last compliance
interval specify the interval between required compliance (e.g. 1000 hrs)
notification parameters
notification window set the date when the reminder due will show on the home screen dashboard, (e.g. 14 days will display the reminder on the dashboard within 14 days of being due)
red below set the life remaining % when the reminder color turns red
yellow below set the life remaining % when the reminder color turns yellow, this value should be greater than the red below value. NOTE: time based reminders that reach the yellow status will be considered within the notification window
private hide the reminder on the customer portal and from the Chronos synchronizers
permanently complied with enable for reminders that have been permanently complied with (non recurring)
not applicable designate a reminder as not applicable to the aircraft

Reminder Statuses

Reminders may exist in the following statuses:

  • Error: the reminder configuration has an error (see below).
  • Green: the reminder is not expired and not within the yellow or red color state.
  • Yellow: the reminder is not expired and the life remaining has reached the yellow threshold.
  • Red: the reminder is not expired and the life remaining has reached the red threshold.
  • Expired in Tolerance: the reminder has expired, and is within the specified tolerance.
  • Expired: the reminder has expired.

Expired in Tolerance and Expired reminders will be depicted in a RED color.

Reminder Errors

The Error status is used to indicate an error with the reminder configuration. When errors are present, the reminder is considered invalid and will not display the time remaining or due statuses.

The following errors are reported:

  1. Invalid time of last compliance.
  2. Invalid date of last compliance.
  3. Invalid timer reference.
  4. Total time unable to compute.

TIP: Use the Error filter to list erroneous reminders and update the reminder configuration or times/dates of last compliance to clear the error status.

Method of Compliance

When the method of compliance setting is configured for a reminder, the method of compliance text will become a work entry when the reminder is added to a work order. Use this field to standardize the method of compliance logbook entry text (and save typing) when configuring reminders for scheduled maintenance, ADs or SBs.

Viewing Reminders for an Aircraft

  1. Browse to the Aircraft page.
  2. Click Reminders.

aircraft reminders

Reminders will be shown with an alert color based on settings in the reminder.

Creating a New Reminder

  1. From the reminders listing, click New Reminder.
  2. Enter information about the reminder.

Cloning All Reminders to Other Aircraft

  1. View the aircraft reminders screen.
  2. Click the Clone All button.
  3. You will be prompted to select the aircraft that will receive the cloned reminders.

Cloning Individual Reminders to Other Aircraft

  1. View an existing reminder.
  2. Click the Clone link.
  3. You will be prompted to select the aircraft that will receive the cloned reminder.

    clone reminder

Cloning Equipment Based Reminders

Equipment based reminders, when cloned, will attach to a target aircraft equipment item with a matching title and part number. If the target aircraft does not contain a matching equipment item, the reminder will be linked to the aircraft instead.

Reminder Notification

The Quantum MX home page will automatically show a listing of all reminders that are due within their notification window with a colorized label. This panel is located below the team logos and the aircraft status panel.

reminder notification

Viewing Reminders for All Aircraft

  1. The Quantum MX home page will show a listing of Reminders that are due within their notification window.
  2. Click the Reminders heading to view a listing of all reminders for your team aircraft. > NOTE: only reminders for aircraft assigned to your team will be displayed.

Downloading a PDF Reminder Status Sheet

  1. Browse to the Reminders listing by clicking the Reminders heading on the Quantum MX home screen.
  2. Click the PDF Download link.
  3. The PDF reminder status will be downloaded to your computer.

pdf reminder sheet

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