A configured set of reminders may be stored in the Package Library and replicated to other aircraft.

Saving a Reminder Pack

  1. Browse to an aircraft's reminder listing.
  2. Click Package This. The reminders configuration for the aircraft will be stored in a reminder package and given a title that includes the make and model of the aircraft. Your browser will automatically be redirected to the newly created package, which you may then edit.

create reminder package

Installing a Reminder Pack to an Aircraft

From the Reminders Listing

  1. Browse to an aircraft reminders listing.
  2. Click Install Package.
  3. Select a package and click the Add to... button.

install reminder package

From the Package Library

  1. Browse to the Package Library by clicking Settings from the left side menu, and then Package Library.

    access the package library

  2. Locate the package to be installed.

  3. Click the Add to Unit link.
  4. On the popup menu, select the target aircraft and click Install Now. package add to unit feature

Packages that include time-based reminders (e.g. 100hr inspection, Oil Change) require that the associated timer that is used to track the reminder be configured on the aircraft profile. Use the C reate missing timers on the target unit setting to automatically modify the aircraft profile when timers that are required by the reminder package are missing. Verify the aircraft profile configuration after unpacking reminders when using this feature.


Watch out for timer configuration errors during the installation of the package. Reminder packages may contain reminders that depend on specific timer values (e.g. landings, cycles, hobbs, tach). Reminder packages may also contain equipment based reminders that require specific timer configurations.

reminder timer errors

Editing a Reminder Pack

The reminder packages are stored in a YAML computer format. You may edit the packages, using existing packages as a guide. Follow the YAML format, paying close attention to indentation and syntax.

reminder pack yaml

Special Handling for Equipment Based Reminders

Reminders that are linked to an Equipment item will include the equipment definition when packaged.
When the reminder package is installed on an aircraft, the equipment definitions will be installed into the aircraft Equipment area as well. Equipment serial numbers, installed/overhauled times will not be transfered.

equipment based reminder package

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