Chronos by FLY Online Tools replaces the Greenfolder product with the following features.

Chronos Release Notes

Flexible Timers

The timer configuration for bookable resources may be customized. Previously, Greenfolder allowed two custom timers. Chronos allows any number of timers with custom names, allowing detailed usage tracking for rotorcraft, turbines and other assets like courtesy cars, fuel tanks, etc.

Features include:

  • Custom names for any timer configuration: hobbs, tach, NF Cycles, landings, heater hobbs, etc.
  • Custom revenue and tax rules for individual timers.
  • Custom expense accounting rules for individual timers.
  • Leaseback payment calculation based on individual timers.

Accounting Engine

The Chronos accounting engine is now a double-entry accounting system. Accounts may be configured with rules to automatically capture expense transactions, leasebacks, and CFI payroll. Journal entries may be made against client accounts, expenses, etc.

Features include:

  • Automatic lease payment calculator
  • Export lease payment checks to Quickbooks Online
  • Smart bundling of Invoices and Sales Receipts
  • PDF invoices and sales receipts at point of sale
  • Accounting Statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger
  • Graphical account balance trend
  • Improved handling of cash adjustments (journal entries)

User Interface

Features include:

  • Improved menu.
  • Faster browser rendering of home page layout.
  • Improved date/time picking for Bookings.
  • Improved "New Reservation" feature allows clients to browse open resources by day.
  • Improved Client Account Statement.
  • Improved layout of Client profile page.
  • Improved Endorsement interface and work flow on the Client profile page.
  • Improved email notification capabilities and email styling.

Integration with Quantum MX

  • Flexible timer features align with Quantum MX to synchronize flight times and maintenance reminders.

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