Viewing Student Completions

  1. Browse to a syllabus.
  2. Click Completions near the top of the syllabus page. The completions page will show the list of currently enrolled students.
  3. Click on a student name in the list to view the completions status for the student.

syllabus completions

Recording Bulk Completions

Typically many learning elements are covered during a flight and ground lesson. After a lesson, the instructor may update the completion status of many elements simultaneously.

  1. Click the Score link corresponding to the lesson. The bulk completion edit boxes will appear. bulk completions
  2. Enter the ground and flight training time and the completion status for each element in the lesson. If an element was not covered during the lesson, leave its field blank.

    bulk completions with data

  3. Click Save to save the completion status.


Instructor notes are not available when updating completions in bulk and must be added by editing the completion record for individual elements.

Recording Individual Element Completions

  1. Click the [+] link next to the element which will receive the completion update.

    individual completion

  2. The New Completion form will appear. Fill out the form and click Save to save the completion record.

Adding Instructor Notes to Existing Completions

  1. In the Instructor Notes section, click to expand the completion records.

expand instructor notes

  1. Edit the completion record that will receive the new instructor notes.
  2. Add the instructor notes to the memo field on the edit form.
  3. Click Save to save the record.

Viewing Instructor Notes

Instructor notes are shown in the Instructor Notes section for each lesson.
instructor notes

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