Clients may receive SMS/email notifications for any bookable in the system.

Clients may enable notifications on certain aircraft or flight instructors to be notified when the reservation schedule changes so they may jump on an opening.

Flight instructors can receive notifications when students reserve or cancel flights.

Administrators, managers, and mechanics can receive notifications to observe the flying activity and keep a close watch on certain aircraft that might require special privileges.

Enable SMS/Email Notifications

  1. On the home screen, Bookables menu, click Bookables to view the bookables listing, or click on a specific aircraft or flight instructor on the calendar view and then click Details. bookable dropdown
  2. Click Enable Notifications.
    enable notifications A notification watch will be placed on the bookable, which will cause SMS text messages and emails to be sent for all reservation and squawk updates.

Administrator Override

An extreme amount of notification watches may cause slow server performance. Administrators may clean up watches for inactive clients using the Notification Watches screen.
1. On the home screen, Bookables menu, click Notification Watches.
2. A listing of the watches for all clients will be shown with a Cancel link.
3. Click Cancel to cancel a notification watch.

Not receiving SMS Text Messages?

Check your profile settings.
client edit messaging

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