When parts that are included in a Purchase Order (PO) are received, you may print a label sheet to help tag the parts for dispatch to the appropriate aircraft or inventory. The label sheet may be used as a manual check sheet, or printed to provide labels for individual parts. Printed labels contain a QR Code that, when scanned by a smart device, will browse back to the associated Purchase Order record in Quantum MX. iving Labels

  1. Browse to a Purchase Order.
  2. Click the Export PDF menu option.
  3. Locate the Receiving Labels sub-menu.
  4. Select the label format. The label document will be downloaded to your computer as a printable PDF file.

1. Avery 5160 - full sheet address labels
1. Avery 5163 - larger shipping labels
3. Dymo - print using a Dymo label maker.

order receiving labels menu

Attaching Certs and Documents

Document attachments may be added to the purchase order items to keep scanned cert paperwork or other documents with the order item. Attaching the documents at the PO level will make the documents available to Inventory or Work Order / Parts Kit items that reference the purchase order item.

  1. Edit the order item.
  2. Select the Attachments tab.
  3. Upload the file attachments.

attachments to order item

See Work Order Linked Documents for details about document visibility from the work order perspective.

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