When parts that are included in a Purchase Order (PO) are received, you may print a label sheet to help tag the parts for dispatch to the appropriate aircraft or inventory. The label sheet may be used as a manual check sheet, or printed to provide labels for individual parts. Printed labels contain a QR Code that, when scanned by a smart device, will browse back to the associated Purchase Order record in Quantum MX.

This feature may also be used for sales orders to help facilitate packing.

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Assigning Serial Numbers or Rev/Lot Numbers

  1. Edit the order item to assign the serial number and rev/lot information when the items are received.

    assign rev to order item

Printing Receiving Labels

  1. Browse to a Purchase Order.
  2. Click the Export PDF menu option.
  3. Locate the Receiving Labels sub-menu.
  4. Select the label format. The label document will be downloaded to your computer as a printable PDF file.

1. Avery 5160 - full sheet address labels
1. Avery 5163 - larger shipping labels
3. Dymo - print using a Dymo label maker.

order receiving labels menu

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