Creating Invoices

Order Number Limitations

Quickbooks allows order numbers of 21 characters or less. Shorten the order number if necessary.
qbo order number limitation

Business Validation Error Related to Inventory Dates

inventory date error qbo

EXPLANATION: An inventory item was referenced on a work order invoice, but the work order completion date occurs prior to the starting date of the inventory item in Quickbooks.

FIX: Locate the referenced product/service item (part number) in Quickbooks and edit the starting inventory date. Set the starting inventory date to a date prior to the work order completion date.

qbo edit inventory
qbo edit inventory starting value

ALTERNATIVE FIX: Change the work order invoice date to a date that is later than the starting inventory date. Click "Amount Paid" in the upper right corner of the work order to access the invoicing/payment settings:

Creating Purchase Orders

Business Validation Error Related to Accounts

bve account missing

EXPLANATION: An item used in a purchase order is not configured in Quickbooks to be purchased from vendors. Unfortunately Quickbooks does not provide the identity of the offending item.

FIX: Edit the product/service item in Quickbooks and locate the Purchasing section. Enable the "I Purchase this product/service from a vendor" option and select an Expense Account.

bve account missing po fix

Business Validation Error Related to GST/HST Rates

A business validation error has occurred while processing your request: Business Validation Error: Make sure all your transactions have a GST/HST rate before you save.

ACTION: Invoice export to Quickbooks Online

EXPLANATION: Quickbooks is seeing an invoice line item where the tax rate is not declared. This error occurs only for Non-US companies.

FIX: Check your Quickbooks Tax Rate configuration and ensure that at least one tax rate is configured as non-taxable. Quantum MX will auto-detect your non-taxable tax rate and this item is required when creating non-taxable invoice items. After adding the non-taxable tax rate in Quickbooks, perfom the Scan Quickbooks fucnction in Quantum MX to allow Quantum MX to auto-detect the non-taxable tax rate item.

Miscellaneous Items Not Exporting

Miscellaneous items on purchase orders and work orders must match a Quickbooks Product/Service item otherwise Quickbooks will not accept the misc item during the export process. Quantum MX will attempt to use the title of the miscellaneous item by default. This mapping may be changed within Quantum MX to an appropriate Quickbooks mapping.


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