Creating Invoices

Business Validation Error Related to Inventory Dates

inventory date error qbo

EXPLANATION: An inventory item was referenced on a work order invoice, but the work order completion date occurs prior to the starting date of the inventory item in Quickbooks.

FIX: Locate the referenced product/service item (part number) in Quickbooks and edit the starting inventory date. Set the starting inventory date to a date prior to the work order completion date.

qbo edit inventory
qbo edit inventory starting value

Creating Purchase Orders

Business Validation Error Related to Accounts

bve account missing

EXPLANATION: An item used in a purchase order is not configured in Quickbooks to be purchased from vendors. Unfortunately Quickbooks does not provide the identity of the offending item.

FIX: Edit the product/service item in Quickbooks and locate the Purchasing section. Enable the "I Purchase this product/service from a vendor" option and select an Expense Account.

bve account missing po fix

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