Our FLY Online Tools products are seamlessly integrated with Quickbooks Online to help integrate operations and accounting.

Greenfolder Accounting using Quickbooks Online

Greenfolder Quickbooks Architecture

With Greenfolder, you can export customer accounting to Quickbooks and configure the Quickbooks items and classes for your aircraft, flight instructor, simulators or other rental assets.

Day to Day Accounting

As your customers rent aircraft, they will log their hobbs/tach time usages into Greenfolder. Greenfolder will maintain their account history, allowing them to see every rental and payment transaction. This visibility replaces the need to invoice customers after each and every flight.
client account ledger

Sales and Receipts will be smartly created in Quickbooks based on the appropriate accounting rules. Greenfolder keeps track of open usage and payment transactions and helps you quickly match up your Quickbooks accounting with a few mouse clicks.

Receiving Payments

Greenfolder may integrate with your Authorize.NET credit card gateway so that your customers may pay their account balance due directly from within Greenfolder. Payments may also be received through your Quickbooks Online account if you have the Payments option enabled. Greenfolder's client accounts will always be in sync with your Quickbooks records, saving you loads of reconciliation time.
greenfolder quickbooks payments

Quantum MX Accounting

Quantum MX is also tightly integrated with Quickbooks Online, allowing you to seamlessly create invoices from your maintenance work orders, and email invoices to your customers directly from within Quantum MX.
quantum mx quickbooks invoice

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