Congratulations, your Quantum MX site is up and running. Follow these steps to complete the first time setup for your maintenance team. Do this right away, as Quantum MX will give the first user special team administrator permissions.

1. Create your Administrator Account

The first user to sign up will be given special administrator privilege.

Browse to your Quantum MX site and click Sign Up. The system will prompt you to enter your user information. If you use your Gmail address as your email address, you will be able to use the quick Sign in with your Google Account option to log into QMX.
QMX Sign Up

2. Learn about the Home Screen

qmx home screen

Read more about Quantum MX Home Screen features.

3. Create your Team

Learn more about Teams

Quantum MX's Team concept helps you isolate the data and access for distinct segments of your business. Initially you should configure one team that will cover all of your operations. You may create up to three teams if your business has distinct segments or locations, for example: A&P + Instrument Repair Station, A&P locations at two airports.

  1. Click Settings, Teams, Create a Team
  2. Complete the team information form and click the Create Team button.
  3. As your mechanics, customers, and users sign up to your QMX cloud, you can control their access to information by adding or removing them from your team.

4. Upload your Team Logo

A company logo may be added to your team profile. This logo will replace the Quantum MX logo for branding on Quantum MX generated documents (e.g. invoice, estimate, logbook entries, work order documents).
1. Browse to your team page: click Settings, Teams, then click Edit next to your team.
2. Assign your team logo in the Upload Photo section of the team editing form.

upload team logo

The team logo will be used when Quantum MX generates PDF logbook entries and work order documents.

5. Create your Mechanic Certificate

  1. If you are a maintainer, you should add your mechanic certificate information. Click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen with the gear icon and then click Edit Profile.
  2. Click the Add a Mechanc Cert link.
  3. Complete the new Mechanic Cert form and save.

user create cert

TIP: The mechanic cert record is required for the user to access the work order time keeping functions. Create a cert record for apprentices, helpers or other staff using a cert number and type that is representative of their function.

apprentice cert

6. Invite your Team to sign up.

Ref HelpHub Article: User Control

  1. Invite each member of your team to create their own user account on your server.
  2. Each team member who is a mechanic, should follow step 3 above to create their Mechanic Certificate record.

new user invite

7. Assign your team users to your team.

  1. Click Settings, Teams, and then click to show your team.
  2. Assign users using the Assign Users panel.

    team assign users

  3. Use the Settings option to control the User permission levels. Ref Article: Team Permissions.

Now your team is configured in Quantum MX. It is time to start adding and creating aircraft. Read our article on the Maintenance Workflow.

8. Create your first Aircraft

  1. Click Aircraft to view the aircraft listing page.
  2. Click Add an Aircraft to add an aircraft.
  3. Complete the Add an Aircraft form and save the aircraft.
  4. See also Adding Aircraft to Quantum MX for more details.

Aircraft are typically assigned to teams. When creating an aircraft, assign the team that you created in step 2.

9. Create your first Work Order

  1. Browse to the newly created aircraft.
  2. Click New Work Order from the menu links.
  3. You are on your way. Please refer to the HelpHub category listing, index, or the search box at the top of the page to read more in-depth about Quantum MX work flows and features.

Ref article: Creating Your First Work Order

10. Learn about the Work Order Screen

Ref article: Work Order User Interface Features

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