The online store allows you to purchase products using your client account. Browse products, add products to your shopping cart, and place orders. Contact your representative to arrange for product pickup or delivery.

Browsing Products

Click Shop to browse products in the online store.
shop menu link

Selecting Products for Purchase

Use the Add to Cart button to add a product to your shopping cart. When your shopping cart contains products, the Shop menu will become My Cart.

add to cart

my cart menu link

  1. Click the quantity number to modify the quantity.

    change quantity

  2. Click Remove from Cart to remove the item from your shopping cart.

  3. Click Place Order when you are ready to formally complete your order.

Placing Orders

After you click Place Order, a transaction for the order total will be added to your client ledger, updating your account. Your balance due may be settled using Chronos' normal payment features.

You will receive an email confirming your order. Please arrange for pickup or shipping with your FBO or flight school focal.

Viewing Your Order History

Your order history may be viewed by selecting Orders from the Store menu.

orders menu link

orders listing

Administrators will see a listing of all client's orders.

Viewing Ledger Transactions

Completed Orders will be associated with a transaction in the client accounting statement. Order transactions will be identified with a shopping cart icon. The order details may be viewed directly from the ledger by expanding the ledger transaction line.

order accounting transaction line

Click on the order transaction to vew the order details in a convenient popup.
order transaction popup

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