The planning calendar helps managers organize shop work by depicting the work order estimated start date and duration. Two items may be placed on the calendar: 1) Work Orders, 2) Miscellaneous Reservations

The calendar depicts work order estimated times in shop, and actual start and end dates, providing a visual comparison of planning vs. actual.

Ad-hoc reservations may be used to plan for events where a work order is not appropriate.

Planning Ad Hoc Reservations

  1. Browse to the planning calendar.
  2. Click on a day to create a new reservation event.
  3. An aircraft may be assigned to the event (optional).
  4. Reservation events may be moved around the calendar by drag and drop.

reservation events


  • Assign a team to allow filtering per team. When the team field is blank, the reservation will only appear when the All Teams filter is selected.
  • Assign a custom color as desired. The default reservation color is a light-red default color to distinguish from the work order colors.

Planning Work Orders

Setting the Work Order Estimated Start and End Dates

  1. Browse to an open work order.
  2. Locate the status block in the work order header panel.

    work order status block

  3. Click to edit the estimated start and end times.

    work order start work edit

The estimated start and end times may also be set on the edit work order form.

edit work order estimate

Viewing the Work Order Calendar

To view the planning calendar, click the calendar icon in the menu bar, or click Dashboards, Work Order Calendar.
work order calendar links

work order calendar

  • Planned work orders are depicted using a BLUE bar.
  • Open work orders are depicted using a YELLOW bar.
  • Completed work orders are depicted using a green bar.

Calendar Based Editing

The estimated starting date and duration for planned work orders (BLUE bars) may be edited directly on the calendar.

  • To set a new estimated starting date, drag and drop the blue bar to a new date.
  • To change the estimated durationg, resize the right edge of the blue bar.

work order calendar editing

Comparing Estimate vs. Actual Time in Shop

After a work order is completed, the calendar will depict the actual work start and end dates (GREEN bar) next to the estimated work start and end dates (BLUE bar). This depiction gives managers a retrospective comparison of estimated vs. actual time in shop.

work order calendar overrun

Date Based Reminders

Date based reminders like Annual Inspections may be shown on the planning calendar. Click the Show Reminders option to show or hide the reminders.

date based reminders calendar setting

Generic Reservations and Reminders

Simple reminders may be added to the calendar with or without an Aircraft or Component assignment. This feature allows you to post a reminder on the calendar that spans multiple days. The reminder may be assigned to an aircraft to document an expected arrival.

Click in the blank area of a calendar day to create a new reminder starting on that day.
calendar reminder

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