Parts Kit Video Overview

Each work order contains a Parts Kit which holds all of the parts to be used on the work order. The Parts Kit helps you keep track of the parts that are requested, ordered, and received for a work order job.

Manage the parts for all open Work Orders using the Parts Dashboard


  1. Logistics: shipping and inventory picking status is prioritized.
  2. Inventory: only inventory items are shown.
  3. Purchasing: only non-inventory items are shown.
  4. Work: discrepancy and work entries allocation features are prioritized.
  5. Detail: minor attributes like tracking URL are prioritized.
  6. Pricing: pricing and markup settings are prioritized.
  7. Hide: hides the parts kit


  1. Receive Aircraft
  2. Inspect and document discrepancies.
  3. Identify parts required. Order, track and receive parts.
  4. Perform Work
  5. Return to Service

Assigning Parts to a Work Order Parts Kit

  1. Locate the Parts Kit area near the top of the work order screen by clicking a function button.
  2. Add a part to the parts kit using the quick search box and Add Part button.

    add to parts kit

  3. If the part is an inventory part, the inventory status will be shown.

TIP: Parts may be added when the parts kit is hidden.

Changing the Quantity

The quantity may be adjusted after the part has been added to the parts kit using the in-place editing features.

changing parts kit count

Changing the Price

The price of individual parts may be updated specifically for the work order. Click the Pricing function and then update the part's price using the in-place editing features.

parts kit price change

Removing Parts from Aircraft

Parts that are being removed from the aircraft may be documented in the parts kit as removed. Removed parts are non-billable and Quantum MX will force the sale price to $0.00 for these items.


Associating Discrepancies

Discrepancies may be tagged when assigning parts to a Work Order Parts Kit. This tagging is optional, but recommended because it helps keep track of the bundle of parts that are intended to be installed or removed for specific discrepancies.

add to parts kit with discrepancy

Alternatively, Parts may also be allocated to discrepancies on the Work function view.

add discrepancy on work view

Application Detail

A work order may have many multiples of common parts such as bolts, nuts, o-rings. Use the application field to specify the application for a part to help identify it in the work order.
work order part application detail

Ordering Parts

  1. After ordering the requested parts, use the Parts Kit fields to update the Ordered status, the Source, Order Number, and Tracking URL. The fields may be clicked for easy "in place" editing.

    order and track part

  2. Click the Not Ordered badge to change the status to Ordered.

  3. The Ordered On date will automatically be set to today's date. You may also click to edit the Ordered On date to select a different date.

When part sourcing information is present, it will be shown in the Purchasing data table, providing quick reference to alternative sources for parts. image

Receiving Parts

  1. After receiving the ordered parts, use the Parts Kit fields to mark the part as Received.

    receive part

  2. The Received On date will automatically be set to today's date. Your may also click to edit the Received On date.

Picking Parts from Inventory

If a part is an inventory part, the inventory status will be displayed next to the part number and the Pick from Inventory and Picked status options will be used instead of Ordered and Received.

inventory part in kit

  1. Click the Pick from Inventory menu to select the inventory that will be used to satisfy the work. The status badge will change to Picked from Inventory. Quantum MX will automatically deduct the quantity from inventory. Make sure you physically pull the part from inventory at this time to keep Quantum MX consistent with your physical inventory on the shelf.

Insufficient Inventory

If the inventory quantity is not sufficient to satisfy the work order parts request, the Insufficient Stock warning will be displayed. The Pick from Inventory feature will not be available if there is insufficient inventory stock for the specified part.

insufficient stock

Overriding Inventory Features

Part Kit items that match up with Inventory may be configured to act as non-inventory items. Select the Not Using Inventory item from the Pick from Inventory drop down list.
not using inventory

When the Not Using Inventory feature is enabled, the part will be handled like a non-inventory part, and the ordered and received statuses will be shown. A warning icon will also appear near the more info... link.

not using inventory warning icon

To clear the Not Using Inventory override, click edit to show the parts kit item form, and clear the Not Using Inventory check box.
clear not using inventory

Returning Parts to Inventory

  1. Click the Picked from Inventory status to revert the status back to not picked. The quantity in stock status for the part will be increased. Make sure you physically return the part to inventory to keep Quantum MX consistent with your physical inventory on the shelf.

Deleting an inventory item from the parts kit that has already been picked will cause the quantity to be returned to stock automatically.

Picking Specific Serial Numbers from Inventory

When you select an inventory source that has a specific serial number, the serial number will be copied into the work order automatically. Auto-generated logbook entries will properly reference the serial number.

picking serial number item

serialized inventory picked

Filtering Unassigned Parts

Click the warning icon next to the Parts Kit heading to show only the parts kit entries that are not assigned to work entries. The filter action is available on the Work view.

parts kit filter unassigned

Assigning Parts to Work Entries

When work is performed on the aircraft, use the Parts Kit to assign the parts to the work entries. This step enables Quantum MX to automatically generate logbook entries and to maintain other analytics that help you save time in your business.

  1. Click the Add to Work Entry link for the part that you want to assign.
  2. Select the work entry from the drop down list.
  3. The part will be assigned to the work entry.

    parts kit work assignment

By default, parts assigned to work entries will be marked as installed. After assigning the part to the work entry, you may browse to the parts kit entry, click edit and change the action to removed or sent out for repair.

Alternate Method

You may also assign parts to work entries using the work entry user interface. The part must first be added to the parts kit. Clear the part-work entry assignment by clicking the remove button.
work entry add part

Editing the Parts Assignment Details

You may specify parts as installed, removed, sent out for repair, tested, and specify weight and balance information.

To access more parameters for the part / work order assignment, click the Edit link associated with the part. After clicking Edit, enter the appropriate settings in the pink form, and click Save to save your change.

manifest edit link

Recently Added Parts

Recently added parts will be shown in the parts kit using a bold font.
recently added part

Use the more info feature to identify the person who added or updated the entry.

Seeing More Information

Click the detail... link to view more information about the parts request. The information on the detail screen is editable in-place if it is shown with a blue hyperlink color.

parts kit more info

Viewing the Revision History

Use the more info feature to access the complete revision history for the parts kit request.
manifest revision history

Deleting Parts from Work Orders

You may remove parts from the work order parts kit at any time. Removing parts from the Parts Kit will remove all references to the part from the entire Work Order. Click the red remove link that is
associated with the parts kit item.

remove parts kit item

Locating Parts in Large Kits

Use the search input field to dynamically filter the parts kit list by part number, title or linked purchase order number.
parts kit dynamic filtering

Sorting Parts

Click a column heading to sort the parts kit.
parts kit sort column

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