The parts dashboard allows you to manage the parts tracking for all open work orders from one convenient place.

Learn more about Parts Kits here.

Viewing the Parts Dashboard

  1. Click the green Parts Pending card on the home screen to view the Parts Dashboard. viewing the parts dashboard
  2. The dashboard will be displayed showing the parts kits for all open work orders.

Filtering the Data

The parts data may be filtered based on the status of the part to help you identify parts that require action. Click the filter categories near the top of the screen to filter the parts kit listing for parts that fit the category.

parts kit filtering

Progress Dial

The progress dial displays the total number of parts within the category in the center of the circle. The value of the dial indicates the percentage of the total number of pending parts. In this example, ten (10) parts need to be ordered which constitute about 25% of the total number of pending parts.
parts kit analytics

Status Badges

Parts may be identified as not ordered or ordered, not received or received, and in inventory or picked from inventory. Clicking a status badge will change the status of the part.
status badges

Distinguishing Estimates and Quotes

Parts are commonly not purchased when performing estimates and quotes. These parts may be distinguished on the parts kit dashboard by using two methods:
1. Work Orders that contain work entries will be shown with a wrench icon. (i.e. Estimates do not contain work performed / work entries.)
1. The work flow action label may be used to further distinguish work orders in the parts kit listing.

parts kit work order distinguish

In-Place Editing of Data Fields

The ordered on, received on, notes, tracking url, order number, and source fields are editable by clicking on the field.
in place hot zone

Ordering Parts

As you place your parts orders, change the status to ordered and enter the order number and tracking URL to capture the shipping information.

Receiving Parts

When parts that have been ordered arrive, change the status to received. You may use the notes field to enter extra information about the part for example: "Part is located in cabinet A5"

Picking Inventory Parts

After inventory parts are picked for use on the aircraft, change the status to picked. When an inventory part is picked or returned to inventory, the inventory status in Quantum MX will automatically be updated.

Assigning Parts to Work Entries

Parts may be assigned to work entries directly from the Parts Dashboard. Use the Add to Work Entry link to assign the part to a work entry on the associated work order.
work entry part assignment

Parts Being Removed for Repair or Overhaul

The As removed filter will show only parts that are statused as removed from an work order. This filter allows you to identify items that are intended to be sent out for repair or overhaul.

parts kit filter for as removed

Filtering Parts Requests

The Filter area allows you to filter the parts dashboard view by various attributes such as: keyword, work order, unit (aircraft or component), logistics state, work assignment, accounting handling, approval flag. To filter the results, select the desired filter option, then click the Apply button. Click Clear Filters to reset all filters to show all results.


Locating New Parts Requests

The parts dashboard results may be sorted by date. Click the Sort by Date filter option to order the items by date ascending or descending. Ordering by date descending will help you locate the most recently requested parts items.


Closing Work Orders

The Parts Kits for work orders that are marked as complete will no longer appear on the Parts Dashboard.

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