The Package Library allows you to create reusable items in Quantum MX.

Reminder Packs

An aircraft's entire reminder configuration may be packaged into the package library and then installed into other aircraft that require the same reminder configuration. Use this feature to quickly set up reminders for a fleet of similar aircraft. Learn more about Reminder Packs

Discrepancy Packs

A work order discrepancy may be packaged for reuse. A discrepancy pack includes all of the associated work entries and parts and may be quickly inserted into an open Work Order. Discrepancy packs may also be used as a compliance work package for a maintenance reminder. Learn more about Reminder Work Packages

Multiple Discrepancy Packs

Many discrepancies may be bundled into one package using the Merge function of the Package Library.

  1. Locate the package that you wish to modify in the Package Library.
  2. Click the Merge button associated with the package. This is the package that will merge into.

    package merge button

  3. Select a package to merge into the selected package.

    merge into package

  4. Click Select to append the selected package into the target package.

  5. Repeat this process again to append more packages.

Work Order Packages

See Work Order Templates.

Accessing the Package Library

Click Settings / Package Library
package library menu

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