You may enter miscellaneous charges to work orders using the Miscellaneous section of the Work Order screen. Examples of miscellaneous charges include: hazmat/disposal fees, shipping/handling fees, aircraft storage fees, avionics rental fees, etc.

Adding Miscellaneous Work Order Items

  1. Browse to a Work Order and locate the Miscellaneous section.

    work order misc item

  2. Enter the miscellaneous item name, cost, and tax status.

  3. Select the mode for the miscellaneous item. If % labor or % parts is selected, the cost of the miscellaneous item will be calculated using the cost factor as a percentage. In the example shown above, we are entering Hazmat Disposal as a calculated value as 10% of the total parts cost for the work order. Leave the mode selection blank for fixed cost items.
  4. Click the Add Miscellaneous button to complete the entry.

The miscellaneous charge will appear on the Customer Portal view and is accessible for use in Work Order Document Templates.

The Miscellaneous section will not be visible if the work order has been completed with no miscellaneous entries.

NOTE: when a miscellaneous item is assigned to a discrepancy, the % labor / % parts feature will calculate against the discrepancy labor / parts totals instead of the work order totals.

Adding Miscellaneous Items from a Purchase Order

Outside services that are purchased from a vendor on a Purchase Order (PO) may be added to a work order and linked to the purchase order. When the items are linked, the PO price will be considered the cost of goods sold and the work order profitability reports will reflect the profit margin of the miscellaneous item.

To add a miscellaneous item from a purchase order:
1. Browse to the purchase order and locate the misc item on the PO.

  1. Edit the misc item on the PO and assign the work order reference.

  2. The work order will now contain a misc item that shows the PO reference.

  3. Edit the work order item to adjust the selling price, Quickbooks item or assign a discrepancy.

Removing Miscellaneous Work Order Items

  1. Click the remove link corresponding to the miscellaneous item that you wish to remove.

Editing Miscellaneous Work Order Items

Click the miscellaneous item to edit it.
edit miscellaneous item

Assigning Miscellaneous Items to Discrepancies

Miscellaneous items may be assigned to discrepancies. Miscellaneous items that are assigned to discrepancies will appear inside the discrepancy section of an invoice or quote. Items that are not assigned to discrepancies will appear at the bottom Miscellaneous section of a quote or invoice.

When a miscellaneous item is assigned to a discrepancy, the discrepancy is displayed with a wrench icon when viewed within a work order.

misc item with discrepancy

NOTE: when a miscellaneous item is assigned to a discrepancy, the % labor / % parts feature will calculate against the discrepancy labor / parts totals instead of the work order totals.

Applying a Credit / Discount

Add a miscellaneous item to a work order with a negative price value to create a discount or credit on the work order.

misc item acts as credit

Using Quickbooks Online

Miscellaneous work order items will be exported during Quickbooks Online invoice creation as an invoice line item and therefore, must have an associated Quickbooks Online Products & Services entry. If Quickbooks Online is enabled in your Quantum MX settings, an extra field will appear when entering miscellaneous items to specify the Quickbooks Online product/service item.

qbo wo misc fields

If the misc item has already been created, the QBO mapping may be modified by editing the misc item.

Matching Miscellaneous Items with Quickbooks

  1. Identify the Quickbooks Online Product/Service entry.
  2. Locate the Display Name for the Quickbooks entry.

    qbo hazmat example

  3. Enter the Display Name exactly as it appears in Quickbooks for the miscellaneous item entry in the QBO Item field.

If a QBO Item is not specified in the miscellaneous entry, QMX will attempt to locate a matching item in Quickbooks using the item description instead.


If the miscellaneous item QBO Item does not exactly match a Products and Services entry in Quickbooks Online, the invoice creation process will fail with a Item not found error message.

hazmat qbo fail

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