Follow these steps to migrate from Greenfolder to Chronos. The estimated down time for this migration is: 1 hour.

Schedule your Migration

  1. Email to schedule your migration.
  2. Post a Notice in Greenfolder to inform your customers of the migration and changeover date. Ref: Creating Notice Pages
  3. Inform your staff and customers that Greenfolder will change over to Chronos. Data changed in Greenfolder after your scheduled migration will be lost.

Commission your Chronos Service

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click Products
  3. Follow the prompts to create your Chronos service.
  4. This action creates your Chronos server and database into which your Greenfolder data will be migrated.
  5. Chronos billing will begin when you commission your Chronos service.

Put Greenfolder in Maintenance Mode

  1. This step will be performed by FLY Online Tools during the data migration. Your Greenfolder service will no longer be accessible to customers beyond this point.

Assign Settings to your Cost Models

  1. If you are using leaseback cost models in Greenfolder, edit the cost models to specify an account in the Account (used by Quickbooks) field. See Leasebacks
  2. For Increase Lease Payments Chronos will create a liability account.

Reconcile all Quickbooks Receipts and Invoices.

  1. This is optional, but will help smooth your transition to Chronos and eliminate the need to manually audit the new receipts & invoices in Chronos.

Migrate Data

This step is completed by FLY Online Tools. Your Greenfolder data will be migrated to Chronos at the scheduled time. Your Greenfolder server will remain active, however, changes to Greenfolder data will not be updated in Chronos. You will be notified when your migration begins and when it is completed.

Configure Chronos

  1. Your Chronos server will be in maintenance mode allowing administrators to log in and configure the product before it is open to customers. Ref: Setting Maintenance Mode
  2. Log in to Chronos:
  3. Click Menu / Server Settings to configure settings.

Settings: Reservations

  1. Configure the time zone. New in Chronos

Settings: Branding

  1. Configure the path to the logo URL.

Settings: Quickbooks Online

  1. Configure the Quickbooks Checking Account setting. New in Chronos
  2. Perform a Quickbooks Scan
  3. Review the Quickbooks Integration Settings results and correct all discrepancies.

Settings: Cost Models

  1. Chronos improves the leaseback and CFI payroll accounting that was present in Greenfolder.
  2. Verify the Cost Model accounting settings.

Quickbooks Online

The method of bundling transactions into receipts and invoices has changed in Chronos. During the migration to Chronos, receipts and invoices will be marked as reconciled. Compare Chronos Invoices & Receipts with Greenfolder Quickbooks Invoices & Receipts.

Go Live in Chronos

  1. Set the maintenance mode setting to false. Ref: Setting Maintenance Mode
  2. Decommission your Greenfolder service. Log in at and shut down your Greenfolder service. Greenfolder billing will cease after you decommission your Greenfolder Service.

Reconfigure Quantum MX Synchronizers

If your maintenance provider is using Quantum MX, the synchronizer configuration must be edited to synchronize with Chronos instead of Greenfolder. This is a simple URL change.

Notify your maintenance provider to change the API endpoint URL in their synchronizers from to

Ref: Synchronizing Aircraft Times

Reconcile Leaseback or CFI Payroll Accounts

Chronos employs a double entry accounting engine on the leaseback and CFI payroll accounts. A transaction must be made on these accounts to reconcile prior payments.
1. Click Menu / Lease Ledgers
1. Select an account
1. Notice the Beginning Balance amount in the Payment Calculator
1. Make a journal entry or use the Record $#####.## Payment feature to record a transaction that will reconcile the beginning balance.

reconcile lease beginning balance

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