Email/SMS messaging preferences may be configured under the user profile area.

  1. Browse to your user profile.
  2. Click Edit Profile to edit the profile.
  3. Browse to the Messaging tab -> Messaging Preferences section.

client messaging settings tab

The messaging categories are described further below. Opting out of a messaging category will block all messages from the respective category.

Category Message Admins Non Admin
Monthly dues due all self
Account balance due all self
Store order confirmation all self
Manual payment entry all self
New client sign up all self
New client instructions all self
New client welcome all self
Client account deleted all
Expired membership dues all
Squawk created, updated, deleted all maintainers (tag) or with a same-day reservation
Continuity audit report all
Fleet status reminders report all
Consumable event all
Booking created, updated, deleted owner of reservation, subscribers
Booking superseded owner of reservation, subscribers
Booking tomorrow owner of reservation
Check out/in alert bookable delegate


  1. Squawk events are considered critical notifications and will be delivered to targeted personnel even if the maintenance messaging preference is disabled.
  2. Emails will not be sent to user accounts where the email address has not been electronically confirmed. The Resend Confirmation Instructions feature may be used to re-initiate the email confirmation process.

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