QuantumMX creates speed and efficiency at various stages in the aircraft maintenance workflow.

Aircraft Arrives

Aircraft may arrive with existing squawks that the customer has entered into QuantumMX.
aircraft squawks

If the aircraft is not configured in Quantum MX, add it to the aircraft database: Adding an Aircraft

Create a New Work Order

From the aircraft view page, click New Work Order. A new work order will be created and numbered with the next number in your work order sequence. The current aircraft tach time will be forwarded to the new work order.

Convert Aircraft Squawks to Discrepancies -- Add to Work Order

If the aircraft has existing squawks, the bullhorn icon will appear in the right hand margin of the work order screen. Click it to open the Squawks panel and add squawks to the work order. The squawks will be converted to discrepancies. At any time, you may defer a discrepancy that has not been worked, which convert the discrepancy back into a squawk.
add squawk to work order


Mechanics or shop managers enter discrepancies found during inspection into QMX quickly from their tablet device or shop computer.

Shop managers discuss discrepancies for customer approval using a tablet device at the aircraft.
All discrepancies are stored forever, so customer and mechanics can see the discrepancies and work performed that correlate with the logbook entries.

Identify Parts Required

Mechanics or shop managers may identify the parts required by building a parts kit for the work order. For each part, the parts kit will carry the ordered and received status and other information including the shipping and tracking number and administrative notes.

build parts kit

Get Customer Approval

Send your customer an email containing a link to the Quantum MX Customer Portal work order summary. There, the customer may approve discrepancies for work, and add other instructions or notes for the technician. Technicians may also update the customer approval status from the work order page.

portal customer approval

Perform Corrective Action (Work)

As mechanics complete work, Work Entries are attached to each discrepancy.

Labor hours and parts installed are entered by the mechanic or shop manager.

Parts can be given markup or discount pricing at this level.

Work Entry

The text used in the Work Performed entry will be used to create logbook entries and invoice line items automatically, saving time.

Mechanics record their time against the work performed.

Shop managers have total visibility into all work being performed.

Assign Parts to Work Performed

As corrective action work is performed and completed, assign parts from the parts kit to the work entries. This will allow Quantum MX to automatically generate logbook entries and invoices for the customer.

assign parts kit

Return to Service / Logbooks

With one click, QuantumMX can generate logbook entries for all of the work performed in the work order. Separate entries for Engine, Airframe, Propeller, Avionics are created.

The text from the Work Performed entry is used to create the logbook entry.

Parts used in the Work Performed section are also added to the logbook entry.

Logbook Entry

The logbook entry may be edited.

File attachments may be added to the logbook entry to capture STC paperwork, photo images of work performed, or any other supporting documentation.

A PDF version of the logbook entries can be printed using any custom page size to accommodate the various sizes of aircraft logbooks.

The Next Time Around

When is the last time we replaced the LH Main Tire on N14G?

Let's search the Work Orders for N14G...

or search the Logbook Entries...

Logbook Search

The "spike plot" graph shows the tach intervals when the work was performed.

Logbook entries are stored in QMX electronically, providing a searchable history and an electronic backup for the aircraft's maintenance logs.

Clean, professional logbook stickers are automatically generated and may be printed. Your customers will value clean, well organized logbooks, and the ability to view their maintenance history online.

Walk through this process with your maintenance team to find the leanest way to leverage Quantum MX, enter timesheets, order parts, print logbook stickers, and sign off work.

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