The home screen has four primary functions:
1. Viewing the Reservation Calendar
2. Creating Reservations
3. Logging Usages
4. Providing menu links to other tasks.

The Header Area

The header area is located at the top of the page and contains your company logo, user profile information, pilot star rating, and some convenient links to the most commonly used features. The header may be customized with your logo and colors to help promote your company brand.

TIP: The company logo doubles as a "Home" function. Click the company logo to browse back to the home screen.

Standard Users

The upper right corner of the header will display the user name, star rating, and last flight information. Adjacent the users name is a gear icon. Click the user name to browse to the user's profile settings page.

standard chronos header


Administrator users will see a gold "ADMIN" badge instead of a gear icon adjacent to their user name. A convenient client search feature will also be displayed, allowing administrators to quickly locate client accounts.

admin chronos header

The Reservation Calendar

The reservation calendar will appear as a date picker and a day view time grid. On narrow screens the calendar view may be swiped left or right to bring other areas into view.

chronos home calendar

The Menu System

The menu system consists of a categorized sections to help you locate items quickly.
main menu

Menu options may vary based on user roles and permissions.

Alerts and Service Reminders

Squawk and maintenance reminder status is displayed next to the aircraft identifier. Click on the status badge to display detailed status. Use the Fleet Status menu option to browse fleet maintenance status.

chronos home alerts


Notice pages are shown at the very bottom of the home screen.
home notices

Unread Mandatory Notices

A notice banner will appear on the home page when mandatory notice pages have not yet been read by the signed in user. Users may read the notice page by clicking the notice title. This will open the notice page in a new window, and mark the page read so the notice banner will no longer appear.
home notice popup

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