Logging a Usage

Usage entries may be anchored to a reservation (preferred method), or logged freely.

Reservation Based Usage Entry

  1. Locate a reservation in the calendar and click on it.
  2. Click Log a Usage

    log a usage from a reservation

Free Usage Entry

  1. Click Log a Usage from the main menu.
  2. Select the bookable resource.

    log a usage from the main menu

Usage Entry Data

After clicking Log a Usage, you will be prompted for the usage data.

usage data form

The form will respond to the configured timer type for the bookable.

timer types
standard prompts for IN and OUT times, displays the duration. (e.g. aircraft hobbs/tach times)
incremental prompts for DURATION only (e.g. flight instructor flight/ground hours)
counter no prompt, automatically increments a counter value (e.g. total number of usages)

Adding Additional Resources

If the generic Log a Usage feature is used, a single resource will appear in the Usage Data list. Use the Add a Resource feature to add additional resources to the usage entry.

dynamic add a resource

Activity Information

Specify the Activity Type and Route of Flight information to help your operator track usage metrics. Regulatory audits may require the operator to report rental vs. student training activities, or in-state vs. out of state flights.

Route of flight should be entered similarly to your flight plan: e.g. KSTL FTZ KCOU

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