Greenfolder's usage tracking system allows you to log and account for all billable time on your aircraft, flight instructors, simulators, and other equipment.

Logging a Usage

Usage can be logged a couple of different ways.

1. From a Reservation (Preferred)

Usages may be logged and attached to a reservation. This is the perferred method of logging usage as it links the usage to the reservation. Find the reservation in the calendar, and use the dropdown menu as shown below.
Log a usage using the calendar

2. From the Main Menu

You may also log a usage by clicking Log a Usage from the main menu.

Enter the usage information and click Submit. A permanent log entry will be created that can only be edited or deleted by the administrators.

Create/Edit Usage

The OUT times will reflect the last usage entry for the bookable. If the OUT time is incorrect, you may overwrite the OUT time in the usage entry, however this will create a discontinuity in the usage ledger which will be brought to the attention of the administrators.

Custom One-Time Pricing / Tax Free Events (Admin Only)

When viewing a usage log entry, administrators will be shown the pricing rate for the usage, and given the option to edit it. Click the pencil icon to edit the pricing rate or sales tax for the given usage entry only.

edit pricing rate

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