Individual timesheet entries may be designated with an overtime setting. When the overtime setting is used, Quantum MX will multiple the labor rate by a pre-defined overtime factor (commonly 1.5 for "time and a half" overtime billing.)

Configuring The Overtime Factor

The overtime factor setting may be configured individually for Teams and for Work Orders.

Setting the Overtime Factor for Teams

  1. Browse to a Team.
  2. Locate the Overtime Factor setting and click to adjust.

    team overtime factor setting

Setting the Overtime Factor for Work Orders

When a work order is created, it will inherit the associated team's override factor setting. The setting may be adjusted specifically for the work order after the work order has been created.
1. Browse to a Work Order.
1. Click the Accounting Settings feature

work order settings link
1. Adjust the Overtime Factor setting under the Labor Settings category.

work order settings overtime factor

Logging Overtime

When clocking in to direct or overhead tasks, the overtime setting may be used to log overtime.

clock in overtime

The overtime setting may also be activated during the clock out process.
changing overtime when clocking out

Invoicing Overtime

Quantum MX will automatically apply the overtime factor to the labor rate for invoices. The invoice will show all charges at the various labor rates.

overtime invoice example

Auditing Timesheets

Overtime timesheets will be designated with the overtime label in the reports.
timesheet report with overtime

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