Maintenance or admin usages of the aircraft should be logged into Chronos to account for all time that is used on the aircraft. When the aircraft is operated for maintenance or administrative purposes, the usages should be logged into a client account designated for the purpose.

Setting up a Maintenance Client

  1. Browse to the Clients Listing.
  2. Click "Add a Client" to add a new client to Chronos.
  3. Configure the client settings as desired to designate the client as maintenance.

    new maintenance client

  4. Configure 100% discounts on the client account so that each usage will be discounted at 100% of the cost of operation.

    maintenance client discounts

TIP: You will never need to log in as this client because managers and administrators can assign usages to other clients.

Logging a Maintenance Usage

This step must be performed by a manager or admin level user with permissions to create usages for other clients.

  1. Click Log a Usage.
  2. Select the maintenance client that was created in the prior step.
  3. Enter the times for the usage.
  4. Save the usage. logging a maintenance usage

Example Tach Replacement Usage

example tach replacement usage

TIP: this method allows you to run a report on the maintenance client to locate all maintenance usages of the aircraft. Follow this same procedure for other special use cases for example: demo flights, admin usages, ferry flights, etc.

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