Quantum MX is pre-configured with a common list of logbook types: AIRFRAME, AVIONICS, ENGINE, ENGINE L, ENGINE R, PROPELLER, PROPELLER L, PROPELLER R.

These existing logbook types may be edited or deleted. Custom logbook types may also be created.

Viewing the Logbook Types

The logbook types may be accessed by clicking Logbook Types from the Settings menu.

logbook types menu link

Creating a Logbook Type

  1. Access the Logbook Types listing using the settings menu.
  2. Click New Logbook Type
  3. Complete the form and click Save to save the logbook type.

Logbook Type Fields

field description
name Name the logbook type (e.g. airframe, propeller, etc.)
Aircraft Level Enable this setting if the logbook represents the Airframe
Categories Category tags for the logbook entries
Disable Printing Disable the automatic logbook entry printing
Include Return to Service Memo Include the return to service memo when logbook entries are generated from a work order
Include Work Order Boilerplate Include boilerplate when logbook entries are generated from a work order
total time acronyms (table) Configure the total time acronym for each timer type (e.g. ACTT, TTSNEW)
since overhaul acronyms (table) Configure the since major overhaul acronym for each timer type (e.g. SMOH)
return to service memo Specify the return to service statement (e.g. "This airframe is approved for return to service..."

Aircraft Level Logbooks

Enable the Aircraft Level setting if the logbook type represents the Airframe. Otherwise, the logbook will be handled as an Equipment type of logbook (e.g. Engine, Propeller).

aircraft level logbook type setting

Editing a Logbook Type

  1. Locate the logbook type using the Logbook Type Listing.
  2. Click the Edit link associated with the logbook type that you wish to edit.
  3. Edit the logbook type settings and click Save to save the changes.

Deleting a Logbook Type

Logbook types are referenced in many of the other Quantum MX objects: logbook entries, aircraft logbook datums, work entries, discrepancies.

Logbook types cannot be deleted if they are referenced by any other object.

Configuring Acronyms

An acronym may be configured to denote since new or since overhauled values on logbook entries. The acronym configuration is unique to each logbook type and timer combination. For example:

  • For AIRFRAME logbook entries: tach since new is commonly configured as AFTT
  • For ENGINE logbook entires: tach since overhaul is commonly configured as SMOH

Browse to a logbook type to edit the acronym configuration.

logbook type timer acronym map

Click + add to add a new configuration for the selected timer.
acronym config

Click Save to save the changes.

timer acronym saved

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