Logbook level equipment may be configured using the Equipment facility for Aircraft and Components. This article covers the following scenarios:

  • Primary logbook level equipment: e.g. Engine, Propeller
  • Equipment to be included in logbook entries for other equipment: e.g. APU time included in airframe logbook entries.

For convenience, a dedicated screen is provided to assist with the configuration of logbook level equipment. This process is typically completed as part of the initial aircraft configuration into Quantum MX.

If logbook level equipment is not configured up-front for an existing logbook entry, an assist feature is available to help transfer the make, model, serial number information from an existing logbook entry to the formal Equipment table.

Configuring Logbook Level Equipment

  1. Browse to an aircraft.
  2. Click Configure Logbooks.
    configure logbooks link

  3. Use Add Logbook Level Equipment table to review the logbook level equipment listing and add logbook level equipment for the aircraft.

Adding a New Logbook Level Equipment Item

  1. Click Create Equipment button corresponding to the logbook type, e.g. Create Engine Equipment.
    create engine equipment

  2. Fill out New Equipment form and click Save to save the entry. Note the Logbook Component setting on the form will configure the equipment item's logbook type.

    new logbook equipment form

  3. After the equipment item is added, click Timer Settings to configure the Since New / Since Overhaul or any life limit parameters.

    configure timers for newly added equipment item

Assigning a Logbook to an Existing Equipment Item

If your equipment list contains an Engine or Propeller item, i.e. Logbook Level Component, that is not assigned to a logbook, you may edit the equipment item to assign it to the logbook type.

edit equipment to assign logbook type
assign logbook type on equipment form

A logbook type may be assigned only one equipment item for an aircraft.

Configuring Since New / Since Overhaul

After the logbook level equipment item has been created, click the gear icon to configure the timers since new / since overhaul settings.
logbook level equipment timer settings gear icon

or from the Equipment listing, click the one of the timer values.
equipment timer settings

Converting an Existing Equipment Item to Logbook Level

  1. Browse to an Aircraft or Component.
  2. Click Equipment to view the equipment listing.
  3. Locate the equipment item that you would like to edit.

    editing equipment on listing

  4. Edit the equipment and configure the Logbook Component field as desired. Save the changes.

Listing Logbook Level Equipment

  1. Browse to the aircraft's Equipment listing.
  2. Activate the Logbook Component filter.

    logbook component filter on equipment listing

  3. When the filter is applied, the equipment list will only show the logbook level equipment that are assigned to the aircraft.

Deriving an Equipment Item from a Logbook Entry

Generally, equipment is configured on an aircraft prior to the creation of work orders or logbook entries. This allows new logbook entries to reference the equipment details such as make, model and serial number as declared in the equipment listing.

Quantum MX allows the creation of logbook entries on aircraft Engine, Propeller logbooks without formally using the Equipment listing. In the event that a logbook entry is already present in Quantum MX without a matching logbook level equipment item, you may create the logbook level equipment item by using the Logbook Entry details.

  1. Open the logbook entry and notice that the equipment details are depicted in black text and not a hyperlink, signifying that a matching equipment database item does not exist for this logbook.
  2. Click Build a equipment entry using the make, model, serial number from this logbook entry.

    autogen equipment from logbook entry

  3. The equipment entry will be created using the make, model, and serial number information from the logbook entry. You may edit the equipment item by clicking the hyperlink to further configure the TSO / TSN and life limit attributes of the equipment item. autogen equipment item success

Deleting a Logbook Level Equipment Entry

Logbook level equipment are protected from deletion. When viewed in the system the delete or remove options will not be available for logbook level equipment.

logbook level equipment cannot be deleted

You may delete logbook level equipment by first editing it to remove the Logbook Component setting. Clear the Logbook Compoonent setting to reveal the remove or delete function.
logbook component

Including Equipment in Other Logbook Entries

TSN/TSO data for special equipment may be included when logbook entries are generated. Unlike the Logbook Component setting, this feature allows the equipment to be included as secondary information in logbook entries where it is not the primary logbook level equipmpent.

  1. Edit the equipment.
  2. Add one or more logbook types to the Include in Logbooks setting.

equipment include in logbooks setting

The secondary inclusion will be identified by a grey label.
equipment secondary inclusion label

When a logbook entry is generated, the equipment time since new / time since overhaul information will be included inside the logbook entry.

The secondary equipment information in the logbook entry is entered as plain text and may be edited by the user by editing the logbook entry.

log entry with equipment included in

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