All FLY Online Tools products are delivered as services in the cloud. No software will reside on your local computer or smart device.

Your services are managed through a secure online billing system that we refer to as our FLY Online Tools cloud management system, accessible at

This system allows you to configure and launch online products, and performs automatic invoicing and billing based on the product's billing cycle. You will be able to view your entire account invoice and payment history, and PDF invoices may be downloaded.

30 Day Free Trial

Try our products FREE for 30 days with no start-up fees or other obligation (offer good once per customer/company). No training is required to get started. Use our online HelpHub at to quickly learn the product features. Proceed with the following steps to set up your service.

Step 1: Sign In to FLY Online Tools

  1. Create an account at by clicking the Sign Up link from the Sign In screen.
  2. After you are logged in, you will see the welcome screen.

    FLY Online Tools Home Screen

Step 2: Set Up a Payment Method

FLY Online Tools requires an credit card for automatic recurring billing every 30 days. Before selecting and purchasing your Chronos, Quantum MX or FlyLMS service, you must configure your payment method. Click Update Billing to configre your payment method.

new payment method options

Step 3: Select Your Product

  1. Click Install Products or click the PRODUCTS link from the top menu bar. A list of products will be displayed.

    selecting products

  2. Click the product that you would like to install. You will see a product summary page and green Proceed button. Details about how to access our demo servers will be displayed on this screen.

    quantum mx product card

  3. After clicking the Proceed button, you will be able to configure the subdomain (cloud name) of your server and power on your service.

    fly installing qmx

  4. Enter your cloud name and click Commission Server. TIP: Your server will be accessible on the Internet under a subdomain that is defined by your cloud name. For example: the acme cloud name will launch a server at

The Thank You notice will be displayed and the platform will begin to initialize your service. Close the popup window to monitor the status.

new service thank you message

service creating status

  1. Wait until your server enters the ONLINE status.

    service online status

  2. Visit your site and use the Sign Up link to create your administrator account.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your site is up and running. You will also receive a welcome email with instructions on how to create your administrator account.


After your server enters the LIVE status, your account will be invoiced for your first month's service. Your first invoice amount will be $0 for your FREE 30 day trial period. After your free trial expires, your credit card will be automatically billed every 30 days.

Reference: Billing and Invoicing

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